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BusinessScottish honey producers set sights on expanding business in 2021

Scottish honey producers set sights on expanding business in 2021

A SCOTTISH honey producing business has announced plans to grow its health food and drink portfolio.

Scottish Bee Company says it is looking to grow its portfolio across the UK and internationally in 2021.

The company has announced plans to diversify its business by starting to create craft shrub cordials and vinegars.

Suzie & Iain Millar Scottish Bee Company - Food and Drink News Scotland
Founders of The Scottish Bee Company Suzie & Iain Millar

Shrubs, a non-alcoholic syrup used to make drinks, is known for adding complexity and flavour to beverages.

The company has said: “the tangy syrups contain apple cider vinegar, known for its health benefits, extremely concentrated fruits, sugars and aromatics.”

Made near Ellon in Aberdeenshire, The Scottish Bee Company’s three new shrub flavours include Strawberry and Mint; Spiced Apple and Bramble; as well as Raspberry and Ginger.

The new vinegars are also made in Aberdeenshire and the company say have been designed to showcase a taste of Scotland.

The Scottish Bee Company vinegar - Food and Drink News Scotland
The new vinegar range is part of the companies efforts to expand their business

The three new flavours are Strawberry and Peppercorn; Raspberry and Thyme; and Bramble and Sage with plans to expand the range further in 2021.

Suzie Millar, Co-founder of The Scottish Bee Company, said: “We’re really excited to be kicking off the new year by taking The Scottish Bee Company in a whole new direction with the launch our new range of shrubs and vinegars.

The Scottish Bee Company's Shrub range -Food and Drink News Scotland
The Scottish Bee Company’s Shrub rangew

“We’ve stayed close to our roots with this range as all of the products are made by one of our beekeeper’s wives on a smallholding in Aberdeenshire.

“The fruit and botanicals found in the shrubs and vinegars have been foraged and harvested near our hives, so our bees not only produce our honey but play a vital role pollinating the fruit trees and plants that go into our new range.”

“Our flavoured vinegars are made in a similar way to our Shrubs using fruits and botanicals from the Aberdeenshire smallholding.

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