“Someone’s gonna need a clutch and front tyres” Shocking video shows tiny Volkswagen trying to tow “15 tonne” lorry


SHOCKING VIDEO has emerged showing a small Volkswagen car trying to pull a “15 tonne” lorry along a busy single carriageway.

Ben Fletcher, from Coleraine, Northern Ireland, filmed the heavy flatbed Scania lorry being reluctantly dragged by a tiny two litre Volkswagen Passat.

The bizarre clip shows the car revving heavily as it initially struggles to even budge the lorry while on a single carriageway in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

The footage begins with the car slowly moving forward with a metal rope tied to its back as it tries to save the broken down lorry.

The lorry with its yellow and green colour has its emergency lights flashing to warn drivers there is an issue and to be careful.

The car pushes forward but is pulled back by the chain tied to the heavy lorry as it is failing to apply the desired level to pull the transporting vehicle.

This happens three times before the chain sticks and the lorry slowly creeps forward. The  car then suddenly, brakes, to allow the driver after moving it to fix his position.

Car pulling 15 ton lorry - Viral News UK
The car was captured initially struggling to pull the heavy lorry (C) Ben Fletcher

He then pushes the engine to its peak forcing the lorry to move as the cars wheels start to burn  but it slowly get s closer and closer to being off the road.

The clip shortly ends with a large amount of smoke appearing from the cars wheels and the lorry pretty much on the side of the road  as it ends.

Ben posted the clip on TikTok on Monday captioned with: “Not bad for a 2.0 litre towing a 15 ton.”

Car pulling 15 ton lorry - Viral News UK
The Volkswagen Passat managed to pull the heavy despite its wheel smoking heavily and revving very hard (C) Ben Fletcher

Stephen Jenkins wrote under the post: “I’d drag that and the truck VW power”.

Mark Mcgreevy said: “Totally worth needing two front tyres and a new clutch and flywheel.”

Aaron Platt wrote: “That will have left its trade mark on the clutch.”

Johnny O’Neill said: “Someone’s gonna need a clutch and front tyres lol.”