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Football Index – Here is why you should start investing


BETTING on Football has always been the traditional way to make money from the beautiful game.

However, now there is a new way and that is using your football knowledge to buy and sell shares on football players.

The new way to make money from football has revolutionised the way people use their money, instead of losing it on poor odds.

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(Photo by Emilio Garcia on Unsplash)

So why bother buying and selling shares in football? Well, the movement is growing and currently there is only one exchange, the first of its kind where you can manage your finances.

If your team finishes in Team of the Month you can earn extra pay-outs which is a great benefit.

You can also earn dividend pay-outs for individual performances as well as media pay-outs.

There are numerous ways to use the Football Index, but dividends is a fan favourite for those who choose to do this.

You can purchase shares from players across the European Leagues as well as this it is regulated by the Gambling Commission.

Though this is a new way to make money from football it is becoming very popular amongst football fans.

Using your money this way has been compared to being like real life Football Manager, but you are actually rewarded for your football knowledge on the stock market.

If you know youth players well and think you have spotted the next world class star, or even believe that you have found the next Lionel Messi you could be rewarded by the market.

If you are interested you will need to set up and account on Football Index, which offers a Risk Free £500 Promotion ‘with code FIA’.

Secondly it is time to play once this is done and begin your journey on the market to look for bargains to make profit.