Firm launches facemask vending machines in bid to battle Coronavirus


FACEMASK vending machines will shortly be available everywhere from shopping centres to care homes as part of the war on Coronavirus.

PopOn Facemasks wants to site the machines in a wide range of locations, where each one will hold 93 packs of masks.

The Essex-based firm says its masks are “Type llR medical grade disposable” and there are three to five in each packet.

The firm’s medical grade disposable masks will be available in vending machines at a wide range of locations

The vending machines will also be available at locations such as airports, railway and underground stations, universities and commercial offices.

A touch screen limits contact with no unnecessary buttons or knobs.

Card payment is the only means of payment to further reduce the chance of bacteria and virus transmission.

The vending machine screen can also keep the public informed with updated public announcements and important Covid-19 information.

The firm’s managing director, Jamie Majid, said: “Facemask vending machines are not unique but very few offer medical grade disposable face masks, especially facemasks manufactured in Great Britain.

“We responded at the start of the pandemic to the government call for British made medical grade facemasks, and now we want to respond again when the country comes out of lockdown to make the safest masks available to purchase in the safest way possible.”

He added: “We want to speak with companies and organisations who would like one of our vending machines in their establishments, so we can keep offering protection while the rest of the UK awaits vaccination to younger age groups and life returns to some form of normality and society reopens.”