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How to Choose the Right Video Conferencing Tools

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With so many different video conferencing tools out there, it’s crucial to make sure you choose the right solution for your business’ needs. Video conferencing is becoming more prevalent than ever before, with the rise of remote working amidst the ongoing pandemic. The right tools can enable your teams to focus on their work and collaborate effectively, without struggling to operate technology.

The way we work and meet is changing; meetings no longer happen in one place, and the right video conferencing solution can help to facilitate this.

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Number of participants

The number of people who will be attending each video conference is a fundamental factor that needs some thought. This can often depend on the size of your business, and whether you often hold smaller meetings or larger scale conferences. Solutions such as Webex Panorama are designed specifically for an executive boardroom environment, equipped with cameras to create panoramic views and automatic speaker tracking, helping participants to follow the meeting seamlessly.

Other systems like Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts have the versatility to be to meet your needs and help to turn any space into a collaborative space.

Type of meeting

Each type of video conferencing meeting can be set up to achieve something different, from sharing ideas to presenting. This can impact your choice of video conferencing. For instance, Microsoft Teams Rooms is being equipped with a hard mute option, useful for distance learning environments or board meetings. Similarly, Barco Clickshare offers two different ranges to facilitate either presentations or larger conferences.

By understanding the type of meetings you need video conferencing for, you can look out for the most helpful features to help you achieve a productive workspace and combat any potential communication issues.

App integration

App integration can be a major feature in choosing a video conferencing tool. For example, if your business already uses Office 365, Microsoft Teams can be best suited as it can allow you to share and collaborate in a more cohesive environment. It’s a similar story if your business already uses G-Suite applications, with Google Hangouts Meet offering a seamless, integrated solution.

You should also consider device compatibility, as different devices or operating systems may react in their own way. It’s crucial to ensure there is a positive user experience across the board.


If you’re looking for a video conferencing solution that will work across any device or technology, you need a platform that enables interoperability. Pexip can provide a scalable platform, delivering interoperability between video conference tools such as Cisco, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet and more. By bridging the gap, you can simplify video conferencing and collaboration with easy to use controls.

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