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Autistic man hailed “truly inspiring” for making soup for others struggling

AN AUTISTIC man has been hailed as an inspiration for making soup and cycling over 100 miles to deliver food to vulnerable people.

Murray MacDonald has been cooking soup at home and delivering the home cooked meals to care homes and vulnerable residents across Edinburgh.

The 29-year-old, who lives in Edinburgh, came up with the idea to help shielders and parents who are struggling to feed their children during the pandemic.

So far he has cycled and hand delivered over 100 containers of various flavoured soups to people across the city.

Murray, who lives on his own, revealed he started the initiative because he was feeling lonely and wanted to help others.

Speaking today (TUE), the selfless Scot said: “Before Christmas both Boris Johnston and Nicola Sturgeon announced a complete change to the relaxation of the current restrictions for the Christmas holidays.

“This resulted in many people’s plans being scrapped – including myself who was meant to visit my brother down in Hove.

“I was quite down for a few days following this announcement, but I am in a fortunate position that I have many friends in Edinburgh who rallied round to ensure I was looked after.

Murray MacDonald has been cooking soup at home and delivering the home cooked meals to care homes and vulnerable residents across Edinburgh.












“I realised many people would be on their own, students who couldn’t go home, those who tested positive and having to self-isolate and single parents with young children – those people would need help and support and a bit of love and kindness.

“With being autistic as well as seeing so much routine disappear, and social contact reduced has made it ever harder.

“I have gone through spells of severe depression where I have completely isolated myself from the world and not communicated with everyone.”

“I have been completely alone throughout much of the pandemic.

Murray added: “I have delivered many different flavours of soup – up to at least 100 containers.

Murray has been making vegetable soup for Edinburgh residents.

“I cycle a lot. I reckon since doing the soup, I have done nearly 100 miles since December.”

Murray has advertised his services on his Facebook page and asked anyone who might need a meal to get in touch on messenger.

He has been inundated with comments from impressed social media users after posting a video about his soup deliveries.

Michelle Mackinnon-Rae commented: “Wow Murray MacDonald you are truly inspiring and what an amazing honest film you made about how this has impacted on you but also how you want to help others.

“Hope you feel proud of yourself and stay strong as the world is a much better place with you in it and all you give to others.”

Morven Stirling wrote: “What a wonderfully made and powerful film Murray.

“I know I can’t be there in person, but remember I remain a message away.”

Ronnie Rose: “Very powerful Murray thank you.”

Murray also runs a charitable organisation to raise awareness and assist Autistic people to access sailing called Autism on the Water (AOTW).

AOTW is an awareness charity which increases awareness of the autistic spectrum through the sport of sailing and helps encourage autistic people to access sailing.

The charity continues to grow despite COVID-19 and the team are currently working hard to raise vital funds to get programs up and running for their new cruising yacht.

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