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“Barnaby clearly has a mind of his own” – Hilarious clip shows defiant police horse refusing to hand over traffic cone

HILARIOUS video shows a defiant police horse playing with a traffic cone and refusing to give it back to his handlers.

The entertaining clip shows Barnaby gripping onto the yellow cone while he was out on patrol in Greater Manchester last week.

In the video, Barnaby can be seen standing gallantly holding the bright yellow traffic cone at the side of a road.

One of the officers can be seen trying to tussle Barnaby for control of the cone, and says: “You are going to hit me with it!”

The other officer, who is filming, walks up in front of Barnaby and asks him: “Barnaby, what are you doing?”

Barnaby the horse refuses to give up traffic cone - Viral Video News UK
Barnaby can be seen gripping the yellow cone in his teeth.

Barnaby looks back at the videoing officer and is asked: “Are you going to put it down?”

The other officer says: “He says no, he says I quite like it.”

Barnaby then starts to shake his head with the beloved cone firmly in his grasp.

The officer recording says: “You are an absolute nutter.

Barnaby the horse refuses to give up traffic cone - Viral Video News UK
One of his handlers attempts to grab the cone from the horse in the hilarious clip.

“You going to give it to me, you going to let go?

“Or are we going to fight like a dog?”

The officer chuckles as he tries to prise the traffic cone from the horse’s mouth but Barnaby refuses to give it up as the video ends.

GMP Tactical Mounted Unit posted the video onto Facebook later that day, writing: “It may be #BlueMonday but PH Barnaby has other ideas.

“How much fun can you have with a traffic cone?? We’ll let you decide.”

Barnaby the horse refuses to give up traffic cone - Viral Video News UK
Social media users found the clip hilarious and heartwarming.

The clip has attracted over 80,000 views and hundreds of comments from Barnaby fans.

@DebsyDoDah said: “Barnaby clearly has a mind of his own.

“Could you have negotiated with a carrot? Take care and stay safe everyone.”

@andyjohnson1977 commented: “If this doesn’t brighten your day up, you’re beyond hope!”

@caroline_B52 tweeted: “Omg that’s the best thing I’ve seen for ages.”

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