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How to Create an SEO Campaign That Scales Globally

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The World Wide Web has connected the world. With the digital market right at everyone’s fingertips, thanks in no small part to Tucson SEO experts, more and more businesses have begun to see themselves from a global perspective rather than local or even national level because it opens them up to a larger pool of prospective customers.

Thus maximizing the potential for greater revenue. And in this piece, we’ll outline a strategic and realistic approach in establishing a search engine optimization or SEO campaign that scales globally.

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A successful program that’s scalable

Shifting the search engine optimization needle of a business to a global level requires an approach that is as scalable as it is sophisticated. And it all starts with the creation of a program. For companies whose operations are spread out all over the world, having SEO leads who are well-versed in global campaigns, such as Tucson SEO companies, is the quickest and simplest way to launch a program and ensure that it runs as intended. Their responsibility must encompass the training for the digital teams across all regions, the implementation of all processes, and, more importantly, promoting search engine optimization throughout the organization.

One of the most common challenges that many companies face with the prospect of the globalization of their SEO efforts is that each and every team may use different search engine optimization techniques and strategies. For example, some regions may have multiple members dedicated solely to searching, while others may have a single person juggle multiple responsibilities. However, the variation in approach won’t be a problem, so long as the principles and maturities remain consistent.

Be a sponge and try to absorb as much data and information as possible

Before beginning the process of defining each level of search engine optimization maturity, it’s essential for a company to have insight and knowledge in the affairs of the business in its markets. And an effective way in doing so is to create surveys for all involved teams as it’ll allow the organization to get as much relevant data and information that it can without the need to schedule too many meetings. Some of the questions that should be included in the aforementioned survey are:

  • What techniques are used in measuring SEO?
  • Which tools do the teams use?
  • How would they describe their creative process for content?
  • What are their primary search engine optimization initiatives in the next two to three months?
  • What kind of process do they use for the implementation of recommendations and fixes?

Specify SEO maturity

Specifying the search engine optimization maturities within the measurement system is much more important than some give it credit for. In fact, it’s essential to achieving success in SEO on a global level. It should be based on its three fundamental values: the people involved, the process used, and the platforms leveraged. These building blocks should be the way the maturity of the program is measured across all regions and markets.

  • The people. To measure this area, the organization needs to determine the various levels of maturity that define executive engagement, training, and personnel. For example, the first level of training can be described as beginner wherein the availability of materials are there but underutilized, while the fifth level can be the more advanced level of training where the certifications and qualifications are all components of development.
  • The process. Measuring the actual process behind global SEO successfully requires the determination of all key metrics and KPIs, strategic direction, and communication. In the first phase, it could be defined as a lack of metrics due to limited visibility in the performance of the organic search. While at the higher levels, the KPIs are much more common and globally shared.
  • The platform. For the platform, technology integration, standardization, and reporting must clearly be defined. With the first stage, the defined standard can be that the teams make no use of tools. While at the next level, all data and information are incorporated into every available platform.

Don’t let challenges and obstacles deter you from your goals

Effectively rolling out the desired program is neither an easy nor straightforward task. It involves a lot of time and hard work. And below are just a few of the most common obstacles and challenges that companies face with SEO globalization:

  • No two people are the same, and a company’s ability to work with all its personnel will determine the level of success that it can achieve. By learning about the intricacies of all involved teams, a business will be able to adapt winning strategies in one region into another.
  • Consistency in training is critical to success. However, it’s easier said than done, especially when managing multiple teams in different locations. But one way to ensure that all teams remain consistent with the training program is to ensure that they make use of the same tools and to develop a universal curriculum that everyone must adhere to.
  • There’s no denying that not everyone is created equally. And this needs to be considered when setting the objectives of each team. It’s not realistic to expect that an international website will achieve its global SEO goals overnight. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it should drag the project down. And through prioritization, all teams can maintain a high level of productivity.
  • Buy-ins. Establishing an international brand for search engine optimization begins with securing seats on the table. Without any investors or stakeholders in one’s corner, the business may not be taken as seriously as it should when working through other markets, after all.

A personalized approach

There’s no such thing as a foolproof model that can guarantee the success of a global SEO campaign. However, there are several ways to tip the odds to your favor. And by following the guidelines listed above and having the expertise of trained and experienced Tucson SEO professionals at your disposal, the business will have a much better chance of achieving its objectives in the creation of an SEO campaign that can scale on a global level.

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