Incredible images show 4ft tall wolf sculpture – made entirely out of snow


INCREDIBLE pictures show a 4ft tall sculpture of a wolf howling at the moon – carved entirely out of snow.

Chelsea Leanne stumbled across the beautiful creation while out on a walk in Buckley, Flintshire on Monday.

The 28-year-old from Chester, Cheshire said her eight-year-old son Benjamin was amazed by the 4ft tall carving.

Amazing snow sculpture shows wolf howling at the moon - Viral News
The wolf can be seen “howling” at the moon in the amazing sculpture.

Images show the wolf made entirely out of snow sitting on a concrete plinth in the middle of a public park.

The photographs look even more incredible as Chelsea managed to snap them when there was a full moon above, making it look like the wolf is howling at the moon.

The exterior of the animal has been scratched in such a way that the snowy exterior closely resembles that of a wolf’s coat.

The wolf is sitting on all four legs and a thick tail can be seen protruding from its rear.

Amazing snow sculpture shows wolf howling at the moon - Viral News
The white wolf is perched on a concrete plinth.

Chelsea posted photographs of the discovery on Facebook on Monday where it has attracted over 13,000 likes.

She captioned the post: “Whoever did this in Buckley, North Wales… you are amazing.

“My son was made up to see your snow creations!”

Hundreds of impressed social media users have commented on the post, completely in awe by the work of art.

Claire Louise Newsome said: “Wow that must of taken ages absolutely brilliant.”

Amazing snow sculpture shows wolf howling at the moon - Viral News
Facebook users have found the sculpture to be absolutely breathtaking.

Carole Olds posted: “Absolutely fabulous.”

Catherine Waters commented: “Sheer perfection, one fantastic artist to make this out of snow – even howling at the moon!”

Speaking today Chelsea said: “We took my son to go and see it and he loved it.

“I’m not sure if she knew that it would be facing the moon but as we had gone at night and the moon was out, it looked amazing.

Social media users told Chelsea that the person behind the incredible piece was a 19-year-old girl called Rachel.