OGV taprooms take out eight year lease for established premises of The Garage Nightclub


A LONG established licensed premises in Aberdeen with a long history of being the spot to attend for a night out has been leased for eight years at £40,000 to OGV taprooms.

The premises in Aberdeen’s Windmill Braem which has through various names throughout the years such as Traffic Nightclub, The Garage to Zuu or Berlins.

OGV taprooms have taken out an eight year lease with DM Hall, a leading firm of independent chartered surveyors starting from spring 2021  or earlier, with an initial annual rent of £40,000.

The refurbished premises will comprise of two bars – one operated by OGV Taprooms and the second by CASC which is expanding its offering currently available at its Merchant Quarter Bar.

DM HAll LEase out popular Aberdeen nightclub venue - business news scotland
OVG Taprrom have taken over the lease for the popular premises that used to be a variety of different night clubs for 8 years (Image supplied)

The former Garage nightclub area is planned to split into two areas: a bar with over 40 taps, while the current dance floor and stage area will be a multi-use conference, exhibition and performing area.

Downstairs, the former Steinhaus area will be opened as a new bar and eatery.

Lisa Cowie, commercial property agent at DM Hall, said: “At a time when there is considerable pressure on the licensed sector which has resulted in the closure of many well-known, and in some cases long standing Aberdeen establishments, this is a positive news story for the city.

“Having seen OGVs plans for the premises and the speed with which it is undertaking its extensive fit out, I have no doubt that the new offering will prove as popular with a new generation as previous offerings on this site have been in the past.

“I am pleased to have been able to deliver this deal for my landlord client and for OGV Taprooms”.