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“An absolute unit” Incredible shot shows one tonne bull being taken for walk by farmer

A PHOTOGRAPHER has captured an incredible image of a humongous bull being taken for a walk in the snow by his farmer.

Ian Macrae, 69, was shocked when he spotted Acky Fraser walking the 10-year-old Simmental bull along a road on Sunday.

The farmer had been directing the one-tonne animal from one field to another in Glenferness, Nairn.

After being stunned by the size of the bull, Ian quickly whipped out his camera to get a shot of the moment.

In the photo, farmer Acky can be seen in the background looking small in comparison to the bull.

Ian, from Nairn in the Scottish Highlands, shared the photograph to Facebook on Sunday, writing: “Taking the bull for a walk, Nairn.”

The post has since been inundated with hundreds of comments from shocked social media users who can’t get over the size of the bull.

Farmer pictured walking with massive bull
(Image: Ian Macrae) A farmer was snapped taking a one tonne bull for a walk.

Deirdre Canaday said: “That’s not a bull. It’s a woolly mammoth.”

James Aelick wrote: “An absolute unit of a bull.”

Heath Barrington Farley commented: “What a beaut, must be getting on for 1.2 ton there.”

Tommy Mcneill said: “Usually see people walking their dogs… but a bloody bull.”

Amy Winsor wrote: “That is one enormous, handsome laddie. I hope he doesn’t decide to go his own route.”

Speaking today, Ian said: “I was leaving Nairn and heading to Aviemore when I saw the large bull.

“It was a massive beast. Never seen anything like it, so I decided to slow down as no-one was behind me to take a photograph of it.

“He was transferring it to another field. It was such a massive beast I could hardly get past.

“It was quite a nice picture of it walking with the farmer with the snowy background and the bull walking by the roadside.”

Farmer Achy today claimed the bull, who has no name, weighed “at least a tonne”.

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