Dramatic images show Hermes lorry jack-knifed on motorway after skidding in snow


DRAMATIC images show a Hermes lorry jack-knifed across multiple lanes on the M62 after skidding due to heavy snowfall.

The large freight lorry can be seen at a 90 degree angle, with the trailer taking up most of the motorway lanes in West Yorkshire this morning.

Heavy snow and skid marks are shown surrounding the vehicle as it veered off to the left before coming to a halt.

Images show Hermes lorry jack-knifed across motorway - Travel News
The lorry lost control on the snowy motorway, its wheel marks can be seen in the snow.

Highway Yorkshire and West Yorkshire Police attended the scene and were able to get the area cleared again.

The picture was shared by the North West Motorway Police Group on Facebook.

Twitter user “Traffic Dave”, who works for West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Unit based in Bradford, tweeted this morning: “ Highway Yorkshire are clearing lanes 1 and 2, the LGV is nearly onto the shoulder. . .

“M62 Westbound should be open again very soon, however I would try to avoid it if you can!”

Images show Hermes lorry jack-knifed across motorway - Travel News
Officers rushed to the scene at the M62 after the lorry jack-knifed.

Dozens of social media users commented on the clip this morning.

Lewis Parley said: “Absolutely ridiculous state for all three lanes to be in!”

James Bradley-White said:” Why on earth has a motorway been allowed to get in that state? This has been forecast for at least a week.”

With Keith Wardle adding: “Just been over the top and it’s not good. Be careful out there people.”