Monday, July 4, 2022
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Ross Greer presses education secretary to clarify decision on special schools staff vaccination

THE SCOTTISH Green party have written to the education secretary asking the Scottish Government to follow suit with Northern Ireland and vaccinate special school.

Ross Greer, the Scottish Greens education spokesman, raised the issue initially during parliament, where John Swinney hinted they were considering this option.

The Northern Irish Executive announced on Monday that some special school staff will be priortised  during the vaccination programme.

This will mean staff working at schools who deal with children with complex issues will be priortised as part of the vaccination programme.

Since the announcement, Greer has now put his question in writing asking for John Swinney to clarify the time scales on when this decision will be made.

Ross Greer -
(Image Ross Greer Facebook) The Education spokesperson for the Greens pressed Swinney to provide a decision on special school staff vaccination plans

He wrote: “As you acknowledged in response to my question in Parliament, many special school staff perform a role similar to that of social care workers, who are rightly identified as a priority group for vaccination.

“Therefore, I would strongly urge the Scottish Government to take a similar approach to
the vaccination of special school staff as has been taken to health and care staff. While this alone.”

Speaking today Ross Greer said: “Many special school staff perform roles similar to that of social care workers, a group who are rightly being prioritised for access to the vaccine. The Education secretary has already accepted this point.

“For many pupils at special schools, remote learning is simply impossible and the pressures on families from losing the support offered by their school are immense. Northern Ireland have rightly recognised the unique need of special school staff and pupils. It is time for the Scottish Government to do the same.”

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