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Tips on how to make your living room extra cozy.


 A living room is the most critical place in your room. You tend to spend there with your loved family members. A cozy living room makes you feel comfortable ad relaxed.  You can buy a deep-seated modern sofa, soft cushions, and pillows that can help you make your living room feel cozy. Whether you have a small or large living room, you should make it beautiful and cozy.

Here are some tips to help you make your living room feel extra cozy:

A living room
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash
  1. Add texture.

You can layer the texture in your living room by softening the cleanliness, open spaces, and bare walls. Your neutral home requires a bit of texture to warm it. Change your synthetic human-made and shiny things to natural things like wood, linen, and organic cotton. We concentrate on texture because our minds tend to doubt anything perfect. A simple surface can look dull and not pleasing, but it looks more beautiful when we add some complexity. You can’t resist the urge to rub crinkles of linen cushion or appreciate natural grain in a plank wood.

  1. Have smooth shapes and curved ends.

If you want your living room to be cozier, you should have smooth curved shapes to bring an inviting look. Sharp and rough edges bring a feeling of strictness, inflexibility and you might feel restricted and uncomfortable. It will help create a more flexible and comfortable environment in your living room, an environment that seems to suggest you be carefree and relax. It would be best if you have a sofa that you can sink and curl in it. Circular furniture encourages you to crowd around it. Rounded corners like in sofas and chairs make them more tangible and friendly. You can add more soft cushions on the hard furniture and soft mats on the floor to make your home feel cozy. 

  1. Add some color.

The colors on your walls affect the brightness and coziness of your living room. You should mix up the colors well to bring out the coziness that you need. White walls are bright during the day, but sometimes it might give your Livingroom a cold feeling. To warm it up, you can add another color like beige to make your room feel cozier. You can also add color to your furniture, coating the old color and bring another color to make your furniture look more attractive. Choose colors that are not similar but complements each other to create a beautiful view.

  1. Turn off the overhead lights.

The overhead lights make you feel more awake and not relaxed in the evening. You should put a dim light to bring a more welcoming and warm environment in your living room. You should have a soft and diffused light. Use lamps in your cozy living room to make a principal point on the side tables and shelves; it will make you concentrate on the cozy, inviting edges.

  1. Use warm scents.

 The smell of cooking food, stuffy carpet, or unclean air might make feel you uncomfortable in your living room. You should use calming scents to help you set a good mood in your home. It would help if you open your windows to allow fresh air in your living room and use an environmental-friendly spray in your room to bring in a soothing smell. Scents can remind you of something, so use ascents that reminds you of a time when you were calm and comfortable. You can create a spa-like environment to cool down your mind by using fragrances such as lavender. Scents can affect our moods. A good scent will make you feel happy and send your brain a signal to relax.

  1. Supersize your sofa.

If you want a cozy living room, you should consider upgrading your sofa. Choose a large sofa that can accommodate more people and give you space to nap on it comfortably. However, it is better not to buy a large sofa that will take up all your space but do not buy a too small or slim sofa that you cannot be comfortable with while on it.

Bottom line.

You can use plants and flowers to make them feel comfortable in the living room. Surround our home with things that you love. You can make your living room the place that gives you peace. Making your room dim also helps you achieve coziness. It would be best if you avoid too many bright wall paints.