Ski Start-up Maison Sport Offers Lockdown Lessons with a Twist


A SKI marketplace has launched a brand new virtual experience to keep their community connected while still improving their skills.

Maison Sport where drove to create a brand new experience due how hard Covid-19 has hit the ski industry.

Skiers at all levels can now use the new complimentary service which will allow them to get personal feedback from top, professional independent ski instructors.

The virtual service will allow skiers to keep learning and perfecting their skills even if they can’t reach the slopes, helping them to feel slope ready as soon as the ski resorts across the world reopen.

Ski marketplace launch new virtual experience - Business News Scotland
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A simple process on the platform allows customers to easily upload videos of themselves skiing or snowboarding.  Passionate skiers can also add any additional comments of specific areas they are keen for the instructor to focus on or help them with.

Within 48 hours, one of Maison Sport’s professional independent ski instructors – including a number of ex Olympic skiers – will analyse the videos and offer tailor made feedback, while answering any specific questions.

Nick Robinson, CEO and co-founder of Maison Sport explains; “We know that the closure of ski resorts across the world has been heart-breaking for both independent instructors and passionate skiers.

“We want to do all we can to support our entire community and find ways to connect people despite restrictions being faced in the current pandemic.

“The process is really easy, straightforward, and very fun and useful for everyone!”

Started in 2016, the tech company was founded by three former British ski champions – Nick Robinson, CEO and Co-founder and his brother Olly Robinson, COO and Co-founder, and Aaron Tipping, CFO and Co-founder.