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History of Diabetes? You Should Still Qualify for Life Insurance


Although diabetes is a chronic condition that may affect your search for life insurance, there are many companies that will still insure diabetics. The idea that diabetics will always be turned down during the life insurance application process is a myth.  Life insurance for diabetics can be easily obtained, and rates for coverage have never been less expensive.

Over time, life insurance companies have done a better job providing a plethora of options, to those in the diabetes community.  The process of applying for life insurance looks at numerous factors; not just whether someone has diabetes or not. By knowing what to do to increase your chances of approval, you can stack the odds in your favour!


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What Do Life Insurance Companies Look For?

Life insurance companies will take a look at your whole health profile when determining whether to insure you or not. This includes the fact that you may have diabetes, but it also includes more specific details about your particular condition.  The term underwriting is given when a life insurance underwriter reviews your complete health profile.  Once a person has gone through the underwriting process, a life insurance company will make an offer of coverage to you.

One of the most important factors that companies will assess is when you were diagnosed. People who were diagnosed with diabetes at a younger age are harder to insure, as they have a longer time to develop further medical complications as a result of your diabetes. However, this does not mean that those diagnosed at a young age are uninsurable.  Generally speaking, the younger a person is diagnosed with diabetes, the more expensive life insurance premiums will be.

Another key element of your health that will come under observation is your health history. This includes your family history, whether you have required hospitalization for diabetes, and other factors. The three biggest problems that insurance companies will watch out for are amputations as a result of diabetes, diabetic comas, and hospitalization due to diabetes. Other health conditions that you may have in addition to diabetes will also be considered during your application.

Someone with type 2 diabetes is more likely to be insured than someone with type 1.  Life insurance for type 1 diabetes is usually going to be more expensive.  In addition, there are factors that you can control when applying for life insurance, such as whether you smoke or not. Height and weight also play a role.

Life Insurance Options for Diabetics

While it may be scary to see all of the potential things that could go wrong with your life insurance application, keep in mind that many companies are open-minded about insuring diabetics. Often, life insurance companies are willing to work with you to find a solution.

Your plan as a diabetic may cost more than regular rates, but it is not impossible to still secure a preferred rate. By showing that you are actively working to control your diabetes and overall health, you can show the life insurance companies that you take your well-being seriously.

For some diabetics, guaranteed life insurance is their best option. This kind of life insurance may cost more and have a waiting period, but it does not require a health exam. Know that your coverage will be more limited in this case.  If a person has significant health issues, these guaranteed acceptance plans may be their only options.

Other plans may be available that have additional terms applied to them. For example, some life insurance plans will not pay the full amount if a death happens before a certain point in time. Often, this is simply a period of a couple years, and after this time the payout will be in full.


Diabetes may be difficult to live with, but it does not exclude you from being able to get any kind of life insurance. Remember to take your medication and do everything you can to stay healthy to better your chance of being insured. Find an insurance agent that you trust, and they will often be able to find something that works for you!  Life insurance with diabetes is most likely less expensive, than you originally thought.