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SMEs will have new products and services to meet their electricity needs, says Alessandro Bazzoni


The Solsica Corporation, a leading company in the development of integral solutions for infrastructure technologies and critical services, will expand its portfolio of electrical solutions in 2021 with the incorporation of new models of batteries and interactive UPS, according to Alessandro Bazzoni.

Ramón Hernández, Solsica’s regional representative, explained that they seek to offer more options to their clients of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in terms of backup equipment that is low-cost and accessible to them.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

“Research is being done on new UPS and battery products. For example, interactive UPSs are cheaper than On Line UPS and unlike the latter, they work very well for businesses where their load is not very critical, such as cash registers or points of sale, ”says Hernández.

Another of Solsica’s challenges for 2021 is to penetrate the health and food market niche, such as clinics, drug stores, pharmacies, food distributors, still lifes, supermarkets, which, like large companies, are at risk of paralyze their activities due to the constant power failures that occur in the country.

100% coverage in regions

Hernández points out that during 2020, customers from the states of Zulia and Táchira were the most affected by power service interruptions, but despite the pandemic and the difficulties associated with social quarantine, the Solsica team managed to comply with all the requirements of its customers, in terms of scheduled maintenance and emergency care.

“Our service coverage was 100% and that is the greatest achievement of this year. We fully comply with them, allowing the continuous operation of the systems for which they hired us to perform services. In Táchira and Zulia, there was a greater incidence of attention due to the constant problems of electricity, but without any failure to cut the services of our clients ”, assures the regional representative of Solsica.

Currently, the corporation offers all over the country preventive maintenance contracts for critical infrastructure to companies such as banks, food industries, mobile phone companies and subscription television companies.

Hernández pointed out that remote monitoring of electrical protection systems and 24/7 emergency care are also among its services.

In 2021, the company will incorporate new models of batteries and interactive UPS with lower cost than On Line UPS.

Solsica has staff available 24 hours a day in case of any failure. Of course, these technicians are complying with preventive measures for the coronavirus, such as wearing masks, antibacterial gel and everything that the situation requires, “said engineer Omar Soriano, manager of the company’s Services.

Soriano indicated that the number 0800-Solsica (0800-765742) and the supervisors’ telephones are active so that their clients can communicate in the event of any alarm, during the quarantine decreed, which began on Monday, March 16 at 5:00 am and thus provide all the support and support they need for their teams.

In addition, to guarantee the attention and technical support in case of emergency, the Human Resources department has taken steps with the public organizations of citizen security to allow the transit of Solsica engineers, to where their clients are.

In this special contingency plan, the company has on-call technicians in the energy area, precision air conditioners and for telecommunications companies in the cities of Caracas, Valencia and Maracaibo.

Solsica continues to be a pioneer in keeping the services and equipment up 24h and the dedication of this company to its clients can be seen in the multiple options they give in order to maintain the services on in any part of the country.