Edinburgh and Scotland in the snow through pictures


HEAVY snowfall caked the country last night with many waking up to picturesque scenes this morning.

Scots took lots of photos to capture the huge whiteout that spread across Scotland last night and this morning.

Here are some of the photos taken last night and this morning which captured some of the best of it.

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh 

Euan Ross - View from Arthur's Seat
(Credit Euan Ross) Euan Ross, 21 a student a Edinburgh Napier University took this from Arthur’s Seat last night

Euan Ross’s post has received over 2,000 likes on Facebook after capturing this image of a snow dusted Edinburgh from Arthur’s Seat.

Speaking today Euan said: “I Just stuck it up as a laugh didn’t think it would get this much traction honestly.

“Went to sleep when it was at 300/400 likes, now it’s at 2,300,  it is pretty nuts.”


Arthur’s Seat and the Meadows, Edinburgh 

Bassam Al Shiekh, a lecturer at The University of Edinburgh was also wandering around Arthur’s Seat when the snow arrived.

Bassam wrote to Facebook: “White” Edinburgh! after a “Black” night yesterday!”


Corstorphine, Edinburgh 

(Photo credit @jester_mouse) Costorphine Parish Church - Scottish weather news
(Photo credit @jester_mouse) Costorphine Parish Church

A “A snowy Corstorphine Parish Church this morning” taken by a Twitter user on a morning stroll through the snow. 


Water of Leith, Edinburgh 

 David C Weinczok, Water of Leith in snow - Weather News Scotland
( Photo creidt David C Weinczok, @TheCastleHunter) The Water of Leith in Edinburgh was looking spectacular last night

David C Weinczok posted to Twitter last night writing: “The snow & clouds brought the strangest lighting to the Water Of Leith last night.

“Deep blue-purple skies, milky white clouds & orange glow of the city combined to feel hyper-real.

“These pics are only slightly brighter than what the naked eye saw. This was 10pm”


Brock Wood, Dunbar

Distillery tour guide John Jenkins, 59 sent these images in from Dunbar as he wandered out today through the snow.




Amy Macpherson, Leith - Scottish weather news
(Photo credit Amy Macpherson, @AmyMacpherson) Leith covered in a blanket of snow last night

Amy Macpherson, from Edinburgh posted to Twitter last night saying: “Snow on the shore” as Leith was also covered in a dusting of snow.


Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow 

KelvinGrove Park - Weather News Scotland
(Photo creidt Philipp Schönegger, @SchoeneggerPhil) Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow, looking at the main building of Glasgow University.

Philipp Schönegger, 27,  a PhD student at the University of St Andrews, took these two photos a couple of weeks apart. 

Writing to Twitter Philipp said: “Love it how Glasgow and the @UofGlasgow
changes from late January to early February.

“Great to finally have real snow here in Scotland, the daily lockdown walks have been improved massively.”


Kelvindale, Glasgow

Stephen Macintyre, Glasgow - Scottish weather news
(Photo credit Stephen Macintyre) Glasgow too woke up to its fair share of snow

Triathlete Stephen Macintyre posted this photo this morning after the snow had settled in Glasgow. 


Kilsyth, Lanarkshire

Kilsyth, Lanarkshire - Scottish weather news
(Photo credit, Madeleine Ambler)

Masters student Madeleine Ambler, 22,  took this picture from her garden in a snowy Kilsyth this morning.


Turriff, Aberdeenshire

Evelin Barta, Clumsy robin - Scottish weather news
(Photo credit Evelin Barta) A clumsy Robin loses his footing in the snow.

Evelin Barta captured this picture of a robin clumsily falling over in the snow at her home in Turriff yesterday.


If you have any photos or videos  of the snow that you think we’d be interested to see, send them to us at [email protected] to feature as part of our Scottish weather news round up.