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Online Chinese Food Delivery Platform HungryPanda Provides 2020 Delivery Review and Trend


Online food delivery businesses saw a huge surge in popularity and demand in 2020. That’s mostly thanks to the pandemic and lockdowns imposed across the globe.

As the statistics suggest, online food delivery industry saw a 27% growth in 2020 alone, and al least 15% growth is expected in the year 2021.

In the upward going trend of online food delivery, HungryPanda, an internationally popular Chinese food delivery platform also benefited a lot.

HungryPanda was founded in 2017, and it focuses on delivering original Chinese food to communities of Chinese people living in different parts of the world.

The platform is known for its on-time deliveries and tasty food. The platform currently operates in 47 cities, in countries like Australia, France, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and the US. The platform is already working really well in all the cities.

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Here is a brief overview of the growth of this platform.

  • Australia saw a 383% increase.
  • United States saw a 600% increase.
  • United Kingdom saw a 36% increase.
  • New Zealand and France also saw a surge in the demand of Chinese food ordered through this platform.

The HungryPanda App

HungryPanda has now improved its own application by updating it to its 3.0 version. The new update of this app is focused on improving the user interface and usability of the app. HungryPanda is also known for being a customer centric company which focuses on the convenience of their customers.

The new app version now has now improved functionality, and is now more user friendly. The categories are now well explained, and degree of personalization has now increased.

The review system on the new app version has also been improved. The new review system is now better than ever before, and you can easily search restaurants by typing keywords.

The new app version comes with better ranking system for restaurants, and provides them with more opportunities by suggesting better cuisines for customers based on their preferences and order history.

The app has progressed from version 1.0 to 3.0 in the four years of HungryPanda platform. New versions are customized and released by keeping in view the demands of their customers. The updates are released to enhance the customer experience, and to exclude ant potential bugs in the application.

There are around 55 million Chinese people living the different parts of the world. This also means an increase in the demand of Chinese traditional food, which ultimately increases the number of Chinese restaurants operating in areas where a community of Chinese people is present. All this is leading to an increase in the demand of HungryPanda platform in those areas.

HungryPanda has provided Chinese restaurants across the globe with a great way to speed up their operations by providing a great way of delivering food in their locality. The platform doesn’t compromise on the quality of food and the health of their customers. The platform has introduced strict safety protocols for their restaurants and delivery personnel. Contact less delivery is also available for customers, and lots of other safety steps are included.

The Platform Raised $70 Million

In a recent development, HungryPanda has raised $70 million to scale its operations across the globe, and to continue its operations in its current locations. The platform targets Chinese diaspora spread across the globe by helping in delivering food and groceries from Asian restaurants and stores.

The funding came because of the recent surge in the popularity and demand of the platform. Various different companies with histories of funding e-commerce startups have provided the funds. This indicates a bright future for the online Chinese food delivery platform.