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Scots teacher who posted “offensive” video about Ruth Davidson and “fatherless children” keeps job

A SCOTS private school teacher has been allowed to carry on teaching after posting a YouTube rant about Ruth Davidson having “fatherless children”.

Richard Lucas was told today he would be allowed to stay on the register following a four day hearing in front of the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS).

Mr Lucas, a former physics teacher at £35,000-per-year Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh, made comments in a 2018 YouTube video that were deemed “offensive”.

In the video, he criticises Conservative MSP Ruth Davidson for having a child with her female partner.

During the hearing held this week, he stood by his comments, stating that: “I think homosexuality is immoral and I think same sex marriage should be discouraged.”

GTCS presenting officer, Jill Harris, found him to have “ridiculed and assaulted” the Conservative MSP.

Despite this, the GTCS panel today found allegations that his comments were “offensive and discriminatory” not proven and allowed him to keep teaching.

Speaking today, Convenor of the panel Brian Feeney said: “As far as the allegations are concerned, we the panel find them not proven. 

Scots private school teacher keeps his job after video about Ruth Davidson - Scottish News
Pictured: Richard Lucas

“As a consequence of this the proceedings are now concluded.”

In the 2018 video, which Mr Lucas posted on his YouTube channel, he said: “They haven’t produced this baby together, this baby is the product of Ruth Davidson and a gentleman whose identity is a mystery to us.

“The important issue here is that this is the deliberate production of a fatherless child.”

He also says: “There is cause to be concerned about same sex parenting.”

Mr Lucas made reference to statistics published by American sociologist Mark Regenerus, he said: “The statistics always show worse outcomes for children from lesbian and gay parented households.

“But then the statistical jiggery pokery kicks in and by controlling for one thing or another eventually you can make those effects disappear and claim that the children turn out just as well. 

Merchiston Castle School

“There’s good reason to think that there are problems associated with/correlated with same sex parenthood.”

Speaking to the panel yesterday, Jill Harris said: “The council believes that his statement about Ruth Davidson is inflammatory and that he views same sex couples as inferior.

“He attempts to ridicule and assault Ms Davidson in his video and in his video assaulted Ruth Davidson and same sex parents in general. 

“He mocks Ruth Davidson because she doesn’t use condoms as she is in a same sex marriage. 

Ms Harris continued: “You are intolerant of same sex parents and would discriminate them and their children.

Scots private school teacher keeps his job after video about Ruth Davidson- Scottish News
Pictured: Richard Lucas

“The council believes that the teacher would treat pupils of same sex marriages differently and his views are discriminatory.”

In his defence, Mr Lucas hit out at the GTCS branding them “incompetent” and “unfit”.

Yesterday he said: “I can’t see how any of these can be proved.

He then continued: “The GTCS is bias and unfit to perform its function.”

During this, he also affirmed his beliefs on homosexual relationships.

Mr Lucas said: “It is a view I hold, I feel homosexuality is not a positive thing.

“I think homosexuality is immoral and I think same sex marriage should be discouraged.

“Ruth Davidson encourages it, I discourage it.”

Mr Lucas’ political party, The Scottish Family Party, posted on their social media accounts shortly after the announcement.

Scots private school teacher keeps his job after video about Ruth Davidson- Scottish News

They wrote: “An almost unbelievable catalogue of dishonesty, sinister police involvement, bizarre accusations, incompetence, laughable lines of argument and hysterical misuse of language.”

The post was alongside a photograph of Mr Lucas and the words: “Victory for Freedom of Speech: Richard Lucas wins case!”

A Stonewall Scotland spokesperson said: “It’s always disappointing to hear people make judgments on same-sex relationships and parenting, even though these relationships are none of their business.

“Being a good parent has nothing to do with sexual orientation or whether a child has two Mums or two Dads.

The most important thing is a loving family, whatever it’s make up.

“We also know when teachers teach young people about different families and relationships it not only helps prevent anti-LGBT+ bullying, but also ensures all students feel welcome and included in schools.”

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