Monday, May 16, 2022
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Scottish food businesses forced by law to list allergens by this October

THE Scottish Government is forcing food businesses to include information on allergens in pre-packed products.

The new law will mainly affect the sale of sandwiches, deli counter goods such as cheese and meats, and boxed salads.

The law applies to the 14 most common allergens as well as other ingredients which can trigger reactions.

Takeaway sandwiches packaged and sold on the same premises must list allergens from October 1. Pic: Leigh Wolf

Food businesses will have to comply by October 1 this year, in line with the rest of the UK.

Food Standards Scotland’s Chairman, Ross Finnie, said: “The implementation of this new law supports the strong consumer call for complete allergen and ingredient information.

“This level of transparency is a significant step forward in providing clear information for people with allergies, which can be life threatening.”

Finnie said the food industry had been consulted on the “benefits, risks and impacts” of the move.

He added that there would be a communications campaign to get the message across to the industry.

Public Health Minister Mairi Gougeon said: “I welcome that Scotland is moving forward and making these important changes.

“Everyone wants to understand more about what is in their food and we want to give them increased confidence about the food that they buy.

“Having information about allergens and ingredients upfront on the labels of all prewrapped food is crucial for people who have food allergies and I am pleased that we are making real progress here.”

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