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NewsScots farmer shares amazing clip of "25ft snow wall" claiming its the...

Scots farmer shares amazing clip of “25ft snow wall” claiming its the highest he has seen in 45 years

A SCOTS farmer has captured incredible footage of himself ploughing “25ft high” snow on an infamous vanishing road.

The incredible clip shows Charles Gordon creating passages through the A938 Lecht Road in Aberdeenshire while packed snow towers above his snow plough.

The road itself is known for disappearing under heavy snow fall in the winter but according to Charles, this is the most snow they have seen in 45 years.

Scots farmer shares amazing images of huge walls of snow - Scottish News
Pictured: Charles Gordon

Charles, from nearby Strathdon, filmed the video while he was giving a helping hand to dig out the roads on Wednesday.

The 45-year-old also shared images of himself standing against a shorter walls which still towered above him, reaching approximately 15ft high.

Another snap shows Charles’ tractor with his plough attached as he pushed snow away from the road.

The landscape surrounding the vehicle is completely white while bright blue skies shine above.

In his video, he scans across the road showing how much snow has been dug out.

He can be heard saying: “It’s higher than the cab in the snow plough.”

The snow can be seen towering over the large vehicle which according to Charles was over 25 feet tall.

Charles shared his video onto Facebook which has since received over 23,000 views and over a hundred comments, most of whom can’t believe their eyes.

Lynsey Gould said: “Wow.”

Fiona Fray commented: “That is certainly deep!”

Scots farmer shares amazing images of huge walls of snow - Scottish News
Charles used his tractor to help plough the roads.

Margaret Wilson posted: “Jesus Christ walls of snow. Never seen that in along time.”

Speaking today [FRI], Charles said: “It was just when we were up there with snow plough gritting that I said probably not see this depth of snow for a long time.

“So I made the short video for a reminder.

“I haven’t seen anything like it in my 45 years.”

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