“We will take your igloo photos and raise the bar!” – Scots dad creates very own “hot tub” out of snow


A SCOTS dad has created his very own “hot tub” in the garden – using snow.

While many Scottish residents were making igloos, Ross Toole decided he wanted to make something more luxurious in the form of a warm jacuzzi.

The 34-year-old PE teacher spent six hours creating the ingenious 3×3 metre creation in Houston, Renfrewshire last Wednesday.

The father-of-three decided to build the hot tub for his children to enjoy the great Scottish weather – which reached as low as -5 degrees in their back garden.

Scotts Dad builds jacuzzi out of snow - Scottish news
Ross shared his creation onto Facebook.

Ross said he used every inch of snow from their garden to create the circular snow mold.

He then used waterproof tarpaulin before filling the hot tub with warm water for the children to relax in.

Ross shared photographs of his creation onto Facebook on Saturday prompting over 1,300 likes and dozens of comments from impressed social media users.

Scotts Dad builds jacuzzi out of snow - Scottish news
Rhuari and Finn having a ball

Images show six-year-old Rhuari and three-year-old Finn enjoying the warm water in their swimming costumes.

His partner Christina and five-month-old son, Lochlan decided to stay in the warmth and watch from inside their home. 

He wrote: “We will take your Igloo photos and raise the bar to a homemade snow Hot Tub!

Scotts Dad builds jacuzzi out of snow - Scottish news
Facebook users thought it was great

Lesley Gray commented: “Looks great!! Like a volcano.”

Neomi Duff added: “Very impressive! Your boys are having a blast.”

Suzy Mallett Gray wrote: “Genius! Not sure that could be topped at all!”

Speaking today, Ross said: “With being in lockdown and not getting out on our big adventures, I wanted to make it as fun and memorable for my children because they are missing out so much.

 “They kept asking when they could go back to their swimming lessons so I decided to make our own hot tub so they could spend some time in the water.

Scotts Dad builds jacuzzi out of snow - Scottish news
Rhuari and Finn having a ball

“We used every bit of snow in our garden to build the shape of the hot tub, we then lined it with a waterproof camping tarp, which we then covered with snow again to keep it in place.

“We used a hose connected to the indoor hot water tap to fill along with pots and pans of hot water.”

Ross added: “The kids loved it and stayed out for about 40 minutes.

“The oldest one jumped out, rolled in the snow and back in.”