Scots priest claims he was pulled over by cops who were suspicious of “dodgy” clear bags – which were actually for Ash Wednesday


A SCOTS priest claimed he was pulled over by cops who were suspicious after spotting dozens of “dodgy” looking, clear bags in his car – which were actually for Ash Wednesday.

Father John Campbell from the Sacred Heart Parish in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire said Police officers pulled him over on Saturday night.

The priest had been out visiting someone on a “sick call” but was found to have a stash of small, clear poly bags – which are often used by drug dealers.

The innocent clergyman said he had actually been using the bags to hand out to parishioners tomorrow at his upcoming Ash Wednesday service.

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The police were suspicious of Father Campbell’s clear, poly bags.

Due to the current pandemic situation, Father Campbell has been leaving the small bags in the chapel presbytery for people to administer themselves. 

Father Campbell said the officers asked why he wasn’t at home and apparently didn’t “quite believe” his alibi.

However, he managed to see the funny side of his run in with the law and posted about the alleged incident on Saturday.

He wrote: “Out doing a sick call tonight and got pulled over and asked why I was out of the house. 

Viral News Scotland - Deadline News
Father Campbell saw the funny side of his run-in with the law.

“The officer didn’t quite believe or understand what I meant when I said these were for ashes for Wednesday.”

Father Campbell attached pictures of the small clear bags which are known to be used in the drug trade.

Since he shared his story, his post was then shared onto Twitter where social media users thought it was hilarious. 

Twitter user shared a screenshot of Father Campbell’s post and said: “Absolute gold from the priest on the chapel’s Facebook page.”

Viral News Scotland - Deadline News
The bags were actually for parishioners.

@bertiecauld said: “A wee line and communion wine please Father.”

@lauraKelly_X posted: “Priest on a mad one.”

@J0nIrwin_ commented: “Gearing up for Lent.”

Ash Wednesday is a holy day observed by Christians across the world and falls the day after Shrove Tuesday, or more commonly known as Pancake Tuesday. 

It marks the first day of Lent and the name derives from the placing of ashes on the foreheads of participants. 

The ashes come from burning palm leaves from the previous year’s Palm Sunday celebrations, which falls a week before Easter Sunday and the end of Lent.