Friday, July 1, 2022
Court & CrimePolice rescue group of men from lorry in "suspected slavery and trafficking"...

Police rescue group of men from lorry in “suspected slavery and trafficking” operation

POLICE have rescued a group of “suffocating” men from a lorry in a suspected slavery and trafficking operation.

Officers from Cambridgeshire Police and Essex Police managed to track the refrigerated lorry down after receiving a call on Wednesday.

The lorry is believed to have travelled from France and was found late that afternoon at Brampton Hut Services in Brampton, Huntingdonshire. 

Huntingdonshire Police arrive at the scene - Crime News UK
Huntingdonshire Police arrive at the scene

Police managed to rescue three men from the refrigerated unit unscathed and handed them over to immigration services. 
Huntingdonshire Police shared information on the incident to their Facebook page, saying: “We rescued three men from inside a refrigerated lorry yesterday with help from Essex Police after tracking the vehicle down the A14 and M11.

“Those in the back of the lorry called us for help saying they were suffocating and struggling to breathe.

“A hunt for the vehicle was launched and the lorry, believed to have travelled from France, was found at Brampton Hut services just before 4.30pm.

“The three men were safe and not injured, and their welfare will now be handled by the immigration services.

“Stories like this may be distressing, but highlight that slavery and trafficking are real and we need your help.”

Huntingdonshire Police Facebook post - Crime News UK
Huntingdonshire Police shared their post onto Facebook.

Cops also attached a picture of the lorry that they pulled the men from. 

The HGV’s back doors are wide open as cops stand outside it. 

Since sharing their post on Thursday, social media users have been expressing their concern about the men. 

Sue Fenwick Rogers said: “Thank goodness these poor people were rescued in time. 

Brampton Hut Services - Crime News UK
Taken from google maps

“People have to be in a very very desperate place to leave their countries, their homes, their families, their friends.

“Well done Huntingdon Police for locating and rescuing them.”

Ashleigh Louise commented: “Really pleased with the positive outcome of this and that the 3 people were rescued in time. 

“I hope those people get the resources they need. 

“Thank you for all your hard work policing Huntingdonshire.”

Callum Lufc posted: “I’m glad they’re ok and have been handed to immigration services. 

“I wish people would stop putting themselves in such danger, I wish them well.”

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