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Be Watchful and Replace your Mattress When It Starts Affecting your Health

Sleep is required to maintain your health and start a fresh day. Those who don’t sleep well often are tired, fatigued and face abdominal inflammation, headache and obesity. One should know that proper sleep is related to the brain which connects to your entire body and soul.

If people aren’t taking their regular eight hours of sleep, you can easily make it out from their face.

Collagen synthesis is affected the most because of which skin looks pale and dark circles
are prominent.

Hence, females cannot afford to sleep less. Sleeping hours can be compromised one odd day, but has to be compensated on the other days. Survey says one third of our life should go in sleeping and resting. This means whatever you do, there should be proper hours allotted to rest.

Have you ever realized why we need to sleep?

Our brain has been working all day long, so is our body. Our entire body and brain is like a machine that works on set time. If the machine isn’t given rest, then after sometime it starts creating trouble.

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Their parts are worn out and the machine makes noise resulting in throwing it away and buying a new machine. However, you cannot do the same with your body. Thus, you
need to give your body and brain some relaxation time so that it can start working again.

Sleep means keeping the brain and body away from any activity for some time. Remember, any day when you were tense about something and couldn’t sleep properly?

Well, that wasbecause your brain was working continuously. It was thinking about a lot many things which were a clear indication that it is not in resting mode. Thus, you should provide your body and brain rest which means give them their peace of mind.

When people are done with their hard work late at night, they take a hot water bath because it gives them relief in every nerve. Some use bath bombs for fragrance and soothing effect. Those who suffer with joint pains apply therapeutic oil before going off to sleep. All of this is done only because they want sleep without any pain, trouble or disturbance.

Hence, if you can pay attention to your wardrobe so that you look good in every attire, if you can manage your diet by eating nutritional food, then you can surely manage to get good sleep by creating a do not disturb surrounding. How do you think that can be managed?

By following a strict sleep schedule where all your electronic gadgets should be switched off an hour before bed time. Kids should be in their pajamas by that time. All lights of your house should be switched off or dim.Most important thing to get proper sleep is your mattress. Have you ever realized that instead of following all things mentioned above, you have been tossing all night?

It’s because your mattress no longer is supporting your body and therefore, it doesn’t give you the right position to sleep. A quality mattress plays an important role in providing you sound sleep. Let me tell you how?

When you lie on your bed you want to give your spine some relaxation. All day long your spine has taken the weight of your entire body. Whether you bend, sit, walk or run, every time your spine has managed all that jerks alone.
Our spinal cord is made of 33 vertebrae. These vertebrae interlock to give your spinal cord a proper structure. Their main function is –
? To bear load of body
? To protect spinal cord from any damage
? Transverse procedure for ligament connection

The lower back of your spine handles the weight of the upper body. It provides mobility to your body all day. Due to extreme tension, in your lower back, it gets worn out because by late evening due to excessive exertion, it starts paining. If your spine and lower back isn’t given relief, this pain can become chronic.

To provide relief to your back which provides sensation to legs, hips, feet, pelvis and muscles, one needs to give relief to certain points by laying in correct alignment. For this, you need to lie on a firm mattress that can be slightly soft, but shouldn’t bend. If there is sagging in your mattress, then your spine will not be in proper alignment which will again put pressure on your spine resulting in consistent pain in your lower back.

Also some of the best companies have introduced the latest mattress for hot sleepers. It is
really helpful for people who tend to sweat a lot in their sleep. These new technology products are designed to regulate the body temperature while sleeping, and prevent the mattress heat- up.

Often we think if the brand is providing us a warranty of 25 years, then we don’t need to worry about replacing our mattress. However, there are many factors that decide whether you need a replacement or not –
? Makes noise
? Constant pain
? Unable to sleep

? Sagging
? Dust and allergens
? Doesn’t bounce any more
? Old

Makes noise

Your mattress is made of springs that hold your mattress firm. Two factors majorly depend on maintaining your bed in excellent condition, either you flip it or you put less weight on it. Some families love to see their kids jumping on the bed, which gives them a good feeling. Well, this good feeling is a torture for all those springs that are trying to keep your mattress in form.

Excess depreciation can result in less resilience in coils because of which after some time, you may hear squeaky noise from it when you make any movement on your bed. You can of course get the coil replaced, but that can become expensive if there are many coils that have to be replaced.

Constant pain
When your mattress gets old, it is no longer firm which means when you rest on it, it doesn’t support your spine. Early morning when you arise from bed, you have back and neck ache that goes away after stretching. If you don’t wake up fresh and you find something was missing in your sleep yesterday night, then your mattress surely needs a replacement.

Unable to sleep

If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety or insomnia, then you might face problems while sleeping. However, if there isn’t anything like that bothering you, then you should properly get your mattress checked. Many years of usage can lead to lumps and holes in your mattress. This can hurt you badly and you might not get proper position to lie. If your spine isn’t in proper alignment, it puts pressure on certain points which can result in tossing all night.


Due to extreme pressure, your bed can bend from certain places like the centre or edge of your mattress. This happens when you sleep at one place every day and don’t flip your mattress in years. Thus, when you sleep sideways, you will roll to the centre where there is bendiness or if you lay on your stomach or back, your spine will be crooked, which will cause pain in the morning. A bending mattress will always hug you when you rest on it. This can create trouble in changing positions.

Dust and allergies
If your mattress doesn’t have coils, then air and sweat penetrates into the foam. Innerspring mattress has pocketed coils that allows air to circulate within which keeps it cool and fresh. If you don’t cover your mattress with protection, like you cover your pillow, then there are chances of stains, dust and allergens penetrating in the foam. This can be terrible for your family as there can be infection and allergies on your bed that can affect anyone who rests on it.

Doesn’t bounce any more
A memory foam bed will come back to its original firm shape when you instantly leave bed.
However, if it is taking time to get back to real shape or you feel a dent at the place where you were sitting or lying, then your mattress has had enough of torture. Try flipping it to see if the weight or tension distributes evenly.

It is a truth that every mattress needs replacement after at least 10 years. Although there are brands that provide you 25 years of warranty, there are many things that have to be followedto maintain its life.

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