“Not sure he’s the right man to speak to” Rishi Sunak backlash after getting”insulting” hospitality advice from Gordon Ramsay


RISHI Sunak faces backlash after asking multi millionaire superstar Gordon Ramsay for hospitality Covid advice.

The Chancellor came under fire after he announced on Twitter that he had approached celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsay for Covid-19 hospitality advice.

Yesterday Sunak launched his new plan to converse with “industry leaders and experts to hear how they’ve reacted to the pandemic.”

RIshi Sunak's announcement on Twitter - Business News UK
RIshi Sunak announces his ‘In Conversation’ series on Twitter

But the scheme received fierce criticism on Twitter as users said the Hell’s Kitchen star does not give an accurate portrayal of hospitality business owners struggling in the pandemic. 

Ramsay was denounced as particularly ill fitted to discuss the topic after he laid off 500 workers at the beginning of the pandemic last March. 

Gordon Ramsay - Business News UK
Celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsay

Twitter users were left furious by the chancellor’s announcement and branded the interview “insulting”.

Famous Comedian James Felton replied “Heartwarming: faced with the prospect of losing some money during the pandemic, this millionaire fired 500 staff and continued to work on the telly.”

@ColinBradbery3 Joked: “Up next – Rishi talks to Lewis Hamilton about the problems facing ordinary people working in the transport industry”

@Anshul_K reapplied: “Gordon Ramsay laid off hundreds of staff when Covid hit, his net worth is $200m. 

“I’m not sure he’s the right man to speak to.”

Furious Twitter users - Business News UK
Furious Twitter users replied to the announcement

@Grantfeller wrote: “Why is Rishi Sunak seeking pandemic advice from Gordon Ramsay, a multi-millionaire British TV star who lives in LA, has siphoned off taxpayers money to pay staff and whose restaurants are so expensive that most people will never visit them?”

@shane_gladstone said: “Oh dead. Billionaire Rishi Sunak ‘shoots the breeze’ with millionaire celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. 

“In the background low paid hospitality workers are at breaking point”

Furious Twitter users - Business News UK
Furious Twitter users replied to the announcement

@nurse_marcus replied: “Gordon Ramsay doesn’t represent your average U.K. business owner.

“You make it sound so easy, as if small business owners will be able to follow suit, create their own TV shows and live on vast amounts of wealth that have stashed away. 

“Many people will find this insulting.”