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CBD oil has a positive effect on the health of many people, here’s how


While research in the field is limited, there is increasingly more evidence that CBD oil is helpful to the health of people.

People who are coping with restlessness have confirmed that CBD helps them to sleep well. For other people, it helps them focus and allows them to study or work more efficiently. There are also groups that use it to elevate pain and reduce anxiety and depression.

CBD oil
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More medical research being conducted

Although the use cases look promising, more research is needed to fully understand CBD oil. This includes the effect of the CBD itself but also the potential side-effects that could occur. Some people report that they have diarrhea, changes in appetite, and fatigue as a result of CBD oil consumption.

Besides that, CBD is known to interact with other medications. Therefore it is helpful to discuss the consumption with your doctor before you move ahead. This especially holds true if your medication includes a “grapefruit warning” as the substance is similar to the one found in CBD oil.

Upsides of weed without psychoactive components

Weed does have benefits that could be considered. For example, it elevates pain and can create a clear mind for people.

The downside is the presence of THC in weed, making it a psychoactive drug. The upside of CBD, on the other hand, is the fact that it does create a clear mind without the psychoactive component.

This means that the product is safe to use and does not affect your behavior, such as driving a car or bicycle.

Healthy production process

Not only does the CBD oil benefit many people around the globe, but the product itself is also created healthily.

We will zoom into the example of RoyalQueenSeeds as one of the leading manufacturers of the oily substance. The company has fields of hemp plants that are located in Switzerland. Here, the plants are harvested and the production process of CBD starts.

Two types of CBD extraction

We can create a clear distinction between the types of CBD products thanks to the production process.

The common process involves chemical additives being added to the plant. This will then allow for the CBD to be extracted.

After the process is completed, the chemical additives are removed. Unfortunately, there is always a small but negligible amount of chemical components in the CBD. The result? A cheaper type of oil that is marketed as CBD. 

If you are looking for more sophistication, you can consider a product made from CO2 extraction. This is also the type of product being created by RoyalQueenSeeds.

The production process involves the use of CO2 to extract the oil from the hemp plant. The result is a clean product, without any additives. This is the preferred but often more expensive product for many consumers around the globe.