Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Thirst minister – English pottery firm sells out of £50 Nicola Sturgeon jugs

A Stoke on Trent based pottery company has sold out of limited edition Nicola Sturgeon Jugs going at £50 a pop. 

The unique hand-crafted jugs vaguely resemble the First Minister of Scotland with the handle made out of a thistle giving it away. 

They show the First Minister in her iconic pink suit she is often seen wearing. 

The company makes a range of ‘political Character and Toby Jugs’ including Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, and Winston Churchill at prices ranging from £28.99 – £66.99. 

Scottish News
The Toby Jug of First Minister Sturgeon.

The Nicola Sturgeon jugs seem to be the only political jug sold out. 

Social media users were left bewildered by the quirky jugs with many liking the model of the First Minister to Jimmy Krankie, Aled Jones, Angela Merkel and Clare Balding. 

One user commented: “Looks like a cross between Paul Mcartney and Aled Jones.” 

Another said: “Day of the thistle triffids.” 

One was convinced, “That’s Nicola Sturgeon and you’ll not tell me otherwise.”

One user named it, “ First miniature of Scotland.” 

Scottish News
Hand-crafted Toby jug of the First Minister

The Jugs are now sold out but are being sold for £54.95 on bidding site Ebay.

The company has been contacted for comment. 

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