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Top 5 Most Successful Esports Teams of All Time


In the numerous competitions of the various eSports games today, the participants play for high prize money. But they do not do it alone. For professional eSports, the entire organizations are formed that compete with their teams in one or more games against other teams behind whom also stand organizations.

As in every sport, there are also teams in eSports that stand out through their performance and achieve great successes. This is the ranking of the top 5 most successful eSports teams in the world until now according to prize money earned.

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Place no.5:

Unlike many teams in our list, did not achieve their good position in the ranking by winning any of the major championships, but instead, they collected their total prize money of $ 14,403,074 only through successes in tournaments.

The Russian team has been active in professional eSports since 2012, has been appearing regularly in The International Dota 2 Championships since 2015 and has already won several tournaments of ESL One series of this popular MOBA-genre game. These are the games in which had the most successes and earnings:

  • Dota 2: $ 9,651,899
  • CS: GO: $ 3,136,190
  • Fortnite: $ 312,261

Place no.4: Fnatic

In contrast to all the other teams in the ranking, Fnatic did not achieve the majority of the prize money only by competing in Dota 2. Their League of Legends team also repeatedly appeared at the World Championship as Europe’s hope against the more superior teams on the Korean and Chinese servers.

However, Great Britain’s team is most successful in tournaments of the tactical first-person shooter game CS: GO – which is also ultimately popular for betting (Counter-Strike predictions are wide-spread) – in which it has consistently achieved notable successes, such as the victory at the WESG 2017. This is the prize money Fnatic achieved on major events:

  • Dota 2: $ 4,075,969
  • CS: GO: $ 4,422,237
  • League of Legends: $ 2,872,325

Through this and many other games (a total of over 40 games), Fanatic won the prize money totaling $ 15,729,227 and thus is placed fourth in the ranking of the most successful eSports teams of all time.

Place no.3: Evil Geniuses

The teams under the US eSports organization Evil Geniuses (often called EG) have so far participated in championships in over 60 different games, but won over 80 % of their total prize money in just one game – Dota 2 – which is known for paying out the highest winnings at its championships.

Thanks to a consistently high ranking at The International Championships in recent years and some successes in the Call of Duty tournaments, the prize money earned by EG spreads up to a total of $ 24,263,698.

Place no.2: OG

So close to first place in the rankings but yet so far. With $ 33,943,233 prize money earned, OG landed in second place in the ranking of the most successful eSports teams of all time. The special thing about the Danish organization, just as it was the case with others on the list, is that this relatively young team (founded in 2019) achieved almost all of its income – a total of $ 33,658,036 – in just one single game.

Originally founded under the name Monkey Business (the most successful eSports professional team of all time), the team has achieved impressive successes in Dota 2 under the new name in recent years. This includes, for example, first place at The International Dota 2 Championships 2018 and 2019.

Place no.1: Team Liquid

With $ 35,689,948 in prize money earned, Team Liquid is through to a first place in the ranking and is, therefore, the most successful eSports team in 2020. And that is not surprising: participating in a total of 1,837 tournaments, the Dutch team has by far the most experience of all teams in the world of professional eSports. It is followed by Fnatic with 929 tournaments.

But not only the number of tournaments in which Team Liquid competed – which is truly fantastic – is what puts them on the pedestal but also the number of games in which they competed. It is comparatively high. A total of 37 so far, to be precise. These are the ones in which Team Liquid was most successful:

  • Dota: $ 22,916,431
  • Counter-Strike: $ 4,661,425
  • Fortnite: $ 1,271,866
  • League of Legends: $ 854,963

To earn so much, these teams had to have the dynamic of a team as an important social capital that they cultivated and developed. All five organizations on the list figured out that reinforcing team cohesion is a priority to become leaders in eSports.