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Food Truck Marketing Strategy – Increase Your Food Business Revenue


The food truck is a breakthrough star in the food industry since 2008. Even the small-scale food business can simply afford a food truck because of the cost-effectiveness and flexibility it offers.

The food truck is one of the favourite versions of food service for foodies because of the new types of food and experience they enjoy with such innovative services.

As per the studies in 2020, the average revenue earn by a food truck is approximately 300,000. There are more than 4500 food trucks are functioning in London, Edinburgh, and Liverpool together and nearly more than half of the UK population are eating from food trucks at least once a week.

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In the early days, there were only street food vendors, people love to enjoy food from street vendors also but at the same time, the quality and hygiene in food is still a question mark. But with the launch of food trucks, the concern about hygiene and quality is reduced to a great extent. Food enthusiasts are also focused on how to start a food truck, but the problems lie in the competition. Like I mentioned early, the UK has around 4500 food trucks, this clearly shows huge competition.

So how will you stand out from such a huge competition?

How effectively you can start a food truck which will help you in getting more profit?

Is there any better way to drive customers to your food truck?

So, are these questions making you feel confused or worried?

If yes, we will help you to resolve all those burdens with some efficacious marketing strategies which result in increased revenue for your food business.

Buying a food truck and just adding some favourite foods will never going to help you in a long run. For that, you need to strategise your marketing plans according to attract more customers and make more money.

  1. Branding

For every business brand building and giving awareness about your brand to your potential customers is very significant. They should know your existence. The way people perceive your brand is defined by the method you used for branding because it has the ability to create brand awareness and drive potential customers to your business.

Tagline and visual identity are two important aspects of branding. Elaborating your food truck business in 3 to 5 words can be a good tagline along adding a logo, a unique and attractive colour palette will enhance the visual identity. Keeping a consistent identity throughout the journey is necessary to bring loyal customers.

A professional approach and well-organised branding are essential to bringing trust among customers to your brand. Usually, customers like to do more purchases with brands that have a friendly approach as well as a professional portrayal.

  1. Offer Mobile Ordering And Payment

Mobile payments are mobile ordering is the future for all the food businesses. The point of sale system for the restaurant is essential in easily giving information to your customers regarding your business location, working hours, contact details, and the special discount offers to provide. The same is goes for food trucks. Here the facilities offered through mobile ordering systems will help them to have a consistent connection with the customers.

Customers can pay for their orders in advance if they wanted to. This will definitely help especially on weekends with a rush of customers, and waiting for people in long queues for payments and order placing is definitely affecting customer satisfaction in a negative way. Since orders are placed and paid in advance, you can prepare the dishes and serve them without any delay.

Another important feature is mobile payment; it is one of the most convenient and secure modes of payment. Since it offers an extra layer of security, you don’t need to stay 24/7 near to the money box. Counting cash and giving balance while serving your customers, is really complicated. With mobile payments, your customers can simply use their smartphone for transactions in just a few clicks. Altogether, both mobile ordering and mobile payments offer your customers a quick, more user-friendly, and convenient service.

  1. Use Social Media Platform

Social media platforms are one of the best platforms through which you can reach millions of customers even without spending any single penny. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will help in driving potential customers to your business. Along with that promotions in social media regarding the food truck can make your brand building more effortless.

Around 70% of food trucks in the UK suggest that most of the sales they get through social media platforms. Social media is an important part of food truck marketing strategies. With more than 3 billion people are using social media platforms every day. With proper planning and strategies, you can easily engage customers in your food truck business.

Another important reason for suggesting the use of social media platforms for business purposes is that it will make you update with all the current trends and also offer a way to analyse your competitors. You can easily track the promotions and loyalty programs they offer and can do something more unique and attractive for customer acquisition.

  1. Improve Your Menu or Change it Seasonally

People love to explore new experiences, so it always a better idea to make changes seasonally or check the quality of the food often to add improvements to the whole menu. Changing the menu can bring more customers and hence more sales. Usually, food trucks have special dishes on daily basis and they change it often. This will helps you to understand which is the most top-selling food.

Including seasonal ingredients in the food makes the menu looks more attractive. According to the celebration also you can serve food, like for a Christmas week you can offer cakes, different varieties of chocolates, steaks, etc. In the winter season including some delicious and piping hot soup is also a better idea.

  1. Online Food Ordering System

Having an online food ordering system makes the day-to-day tasks in the food truck more easier and streamlined. Here customers get more time to browse through the food catalogue offered in your app or website and can make a better choice along with the add-on offers and discount offers to increase the chances of more purchases.

During the rush hour, it is quite different to pay attention to everything, but the online ordering systems provide a complete sales dashboard with all the data such as total sales, canceled orders, active orders, new orders, and much more. You will receive instant notifications whenever the customers place an order which helps the staff to handle orders much faster.

You will get sales reports with complete information regarding the revenue generated and other expenses. Without even paying attention to the cash register, you will get a precise monetary translation of each order. Along with that, the comprehensive insights provided by the online ordering system helps in getting a better understanding of your customers, their buying patterns, areas needed for improvement, reviews and ratings they posted, and so on.

  1. Cater Weddings, Parties, And Celebrate Events.

Catering is one of the main sources of income that food trucks can achieve at the same time get a chance to display your wide array of delicious food and great services to a group of customers. Weddings, corporate events, parties, birthdays are some good events that you can offer catering. Food truck weddings are quite popular in the UK because of the uniqueness and cost-effectiveness it bestows to the customers.

To leverage into different kinds of food truck catering scene, you need to do a plethora of market research and find out the types of events you can target.

Another method is taking your food truck on road. Apart from doing sales all at a place, you can take your food truck on road to maximise the visibility and for driving more customers. This is also the best chance to know about the local events in those localities. There must be small events like world food day, world pizza day. So you can participate in these events with your amazing food and get to boost your revenue. At the same time, you can post all these events on your social media platforms for more promotions.

One of the main stepping stones towards success in the food truck business is location. Marketing is only effective if the location is suitable and accurate. When people wish to search for some good food in their local area, then you should be able to reach there. For that make sure the benefits of your Google Business account are properly used to their fullest. When people search the query “food truck London”, your brand should be listed in the three matrices in the search engine result page (SERP).

If it does, then you are on the right track in customer acquisition and revenue generation.

If you planning for focusing on customer acquisition and better service, brand loyalty is the initial step towards it. The online ordering system would be the best place to start. As long as you are always inspired to deliver interesting and unique services and reaching out to people through various online platforms, you can definitely start to observe an increase in the number of customers and your sales will go up.