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How to Decorate Your Standing Desk Tabletop


Now, you have finally got your new height-adjustable desk. However, just owning it doesn’t provide all those benefits that you can get once you adjust it appropriately and equip it with all the needed accessories. We start with the adjusting of your desk.

Adjustment Criteria: Why Are They Important?

Your desk might be among the best options available in the market. But if it isn’t adjusted properly, the old problems will not be eliminated. On top of it, new problems will be added. Thus, let us have a look at how to adjust all those desk table tops and frames to achieve a wished result.

Adjust the height. You need to do it for both a sitting and a standing position. whether you are sitting or standing, your desk top shall be at the level:

  • For your feet to rest calmly on the floor. When you are standing, your knees shall be slightly bent. It will allow you to shift from one leg to another to avoid fatigue.
  • The monitor center is at the level of your eyes. If you cannot achieve this height, think about height-adjustable monitor support.
  • Your arms shall rest on the desk, and hands shall be located on the keyboards.
  • The elbows are bent under a 90-degree angle.

These conditions work for both a sitting and a standing position.

Now, it is time to check how you can equip the table top to make it even more convenient and functional.

Correct Accessories Provide the Needed Functionality to Your Desktop

Now, you need to boost the functionality and comfort of your adjustable desk. It can be done with proper accessories.

  • Let`s start with a monitor support. A nice adjustable support will allow you to fix the monitor of your computer just at the level you need, with the required tilt.
  • One more needed accessory is a cable management system. It can be anything from special clips to a cable-management sleeve or snake. It depends on how many cables you need to arrange and how thick or long they are. This is needed not only for aesthetic reasons but also for safety. Otherwise, you can get tangled in cables and even drop expensive equipment.

Now, when the mandatory things are arranged, let us move to details that make your tabletop not only functional but cool.

  • The very first detail is a lockable drawer. There are special drawers designed for standing desks. They can be fixed under the tabletop. It is needed not only to make your tabletop look better. It is convenient to store all small things there such as paper clips, pens and pencils, erasers, and similar. Thus, such a drawer will also help you to keep your desk clean.
  • An organizer adds to the comfort and allows to arrange all the documents neatly. Needless to say that a cool automated organizer will make your table look stunning.
  • If you love using nice and expensive pens, a good pen holder will never be odd. Of course, you can keep all your items in the organizer, but sometimes, you just need a pen holder that attracts attention and informs about your status.

Here, we don’t mention such mandatory items as a keyboard, a mouse, and similar. They are an inseparable part of your work equipment, not just accessories or complementary items.

Now, it is time to check some more items that will make your working place the best in the world.

Without These Items, You Will Not Be Able to Work

You will not be able to enjoy your adjustable table without a proper chair. You need a height-adjustable ergonomic chair with a headrest and arm-rests. Rotatable? Not necessary but if you prefer, you can get a rotatable chair. It will complement your new desk perfectly.

One more thing that you need to have is an anti-fatigue carpet. Many people ignore it, and it is incorrect. Without it, working in a standing position will be not so comfortable. An anti-fatigue carpet distributes the load on your feet correctly and prevents the feeling of tiredness.

Final Thoughts

Your office is the place where you spend a lot of time, at least 8 hours a day. Thus, make sure it looks like a place where you want to spend that time. Buy a nice desk, preferably a height-adjustable one, the reasons why you know already. Get all the needed accessories to make the desk comfortable, functional, and beautiful. Buy a good chair and an anti-fatigue carpet.

Of course, you can add some décor elements such as paintings or pot-plants. Don’t forget about a carpet or rug, a sofa for visitors, if you have any, and anything else that you believe is needed. Now, your office is a perfect place for work. A pleasant environment motivates, and all the needed items and accessories make all the work processes pleasant.