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How To Find The Right PPC Management Services


Since pay-per-click is a constantly evolving art, the best agency that provides PPC management services is an agency that pays attention to trends in the industry. Most agencies that provide professional SEO services also handle PPC management. The industry is saturated with these agencies but there are certain things you should look out for.

  1. Pricing structures of the agencies

The most common pricing structures are the fixed price plan and the performance-based price plan. Many businesses choose companies that offer a performance-based price plan thinking that they have gotten a good deal. What they don’t know is that PPC agencies that offer such plans focus more on quantity rather than quality.

Initially, a quantity-based strategy may seem like it is generating leads but they will mostly be low-quality leads. A fixed-price plan is better because it gives you more control especially if you have a smaller business and specific needs. However, with a fixed price plan, you will not know how much you are paying for ad spend and management fees.

For this reason, you may have to choose an agency that offers a hybrid approach pricing. A hybrid model is simply a combination of two pricing models. Experiment with various pricing models to see what works best for your kind of business.

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  1. The goals you want to achieve

Take a second to think about the goals you want to achieve before you choose an agency offering PPC management services. If apart from PPC you want your website to have a better ranking, then make sure the company you hire also offers professional SEO services. Companies that hire PPC agencies either want to launch a new product, build brand awareness, or move their leads further down their funnel.

But most companies just want PPC agencies to help them drive sales with their ads. Once you know the specific goals you want to achieve, it becomes easier to find an agency that shows you how to hit those goals.

  1. Consider the agency’s methodology

To know their methodology, you can make direct contact with the agency or ask them for a quote or personalized proposal. Pay attention to:

  • Their bidding strategies
  • Their methods of collecting and analyzing data
  • Their approach for keyword research
  • What they do to optimize bids

Only choose an agency that is willing to track and analyze your data, because they can use that data to optimize your campaigns. Find a company that can customize your private reporting dashboard to allow you to see all the important metrics.

  1. Choose agencies that are Google Ads certified

A certification from Google is one way of determining that an agency is great because specialists have to take exams. Besides, getting accreditation costs a lot of money. Other major advertising certifications come from Facebook, Amazon, and Bing. Some agencies have all these certifications while some have only Google and Facebook certifications. Do not hire an agency that does not have any certification.

  1. Ability to tackle technical landscape

Only consider an agency that has hired the following people:

  • A relationship manager in charge of addressing emails, phone calls, project management, and more
  • A tracking expert responsible for keeping track of analytics results
  • A graphic design or landing page expert responsible for making great ads and improving ad performance
  • An account strategist responsible for account performance and oversight
  • A product specialist that sets up new campaigns, helps with campaign analyzing data, and more

An agency needs all these professionals to help you navigate an increasingly complex technical landscape.

  1. Look at the PPC agencies blog

Most agencies that provide PPC management services also have a blog on their website. Read their how-to guides to determine if they have extensive knowledge about PPC and SEO. Review their perspective on how a website can get to the top of the SERPs, and how to reach as many leads as possible. Do this so that you don’t end up hiring a company that does not know what it is doing.


There are many agencies out there providing PPC management services and professional SEO services.  So, invest time and effort in learning more about your options to find an agency that is up to the task and best meets your needs.