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Scots primary school admits to groping teacher who he had just asked to “motorboat”

A SCOTS primary school teacher has admitted to groping a colleague who he had just asked to motorboat – while on a school trip.

The General Teaching Council for Scotland today decided to keep the identity of the teacher secret, despite him been accused of doing so without the colleague’s consent.

The teacher in question, who was not present at the hearing, admitted in an email to the GTCS that he groped the teacher and tried to kiss her breasts.

He claims he did so “with consent” while the pair were eating chocolate in a rented room whilst on a school trip in June 2017.

However, the female teacher who he allegedly assaulted claims she did not give consent to the teacher.

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Speaking today she recalled the incident in June 2017 while away on a school trip saying: “He moved and sat beside me, this wasn’t unusual for him.

“He was in [my room] for chocolate and I had my iPad with me so he put on Star Wars.

“I took off my jumper as he sat beside me and then he said ‘I want to motorboat them’.

“The next thing I knew he pulled down my top and kissed my left breast.

“It was weird and didn’t seem like him anymore.

“He said ‘It’s okay’ and I said ‘you are married and have kids’ – he was stroking my nipple through my top and kissing my left breast.

“I have no idea how long it went on for.”

The female teacher also said the next day the teacher apologised for his actions, however dropped a sexual innuendo around the children later that day.

She said: “I said I would I like a Kit Kat, then when I said that he said ‘I’ve got something chunky for you’.”

As well as the teacher, the HR officer for the school also gave a statement today concerning the allegations after it was reported to the school.

Speaking today, she recalled an internal investigation over the allegations, saying: “While on a school trip with year six pupils, the teacher asked witness two if she had any chocolate. 

“They went back to her room where they watched a film on an iPad. 

“After feeling hot, she took off her outer fleece.

“The teacher then asked if he could motorboat her.”

The HR Officer then explained that a motorboat as: “Blowing a raspberry between a women’s breasts”.

She continued: “She replied ‘lucky I know you are joking’ but he then asked ‘can I suck on it’.

“He then grabbed her breasts, she was shocked and froze. The teacher apologised but she was very upset and felt violated.

“The teacher then said it was an act of stupidity and that he believed when she took off her fleece that it was consent.”

Following an internal investigation at the time, he teacher was dismissed.

The teacher has also been accused of gifting another female colleague a rubber penis as part of a Secret Santa which he admitted to.

This was also reported to the school according to the HR officer who deemed it: “inappropriate”.

The hearing continues.

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