Aldi customer disgusted after buying fatty ham made from “porker” of a pig


AN ALDI customer has slammed the supermarket after buying a pack of ham which was made mostly out of fat from a “porker” of a pig.

The packets of ham are labelled as “cooked ham with trimmings” – however the slices are mostly made up of fat.

Maddy Everitt from Southend in Essex was left “disgusted” by the “slimy” slices of ham – which she had to throw in the bin.

Aldi customer slams supermarket for fatty ham - Consumer News
Pictured: The disgusting slice of “ham”.

The cafe owner had initially purchased the ham from her local Aldi to use in sandwiches for her cafe, Tides of Chalkwell.

However, ham ended up having to be off the menu for her customers after seeing the sheer amount of fat that was on the slices.

Pictures show over 75% of the surface is made up of fat, with only a tiny piece of meat on every slice.

The packaging for the ham even states: “New look same great product!”

The packaging event states: “New look same great product.”

In one picture, 34-year-old Maddy has singled out a particularly fatty piece of ham.

The surface is extremely wet looking, and an unknown white substance can be seen clinging to the small piece of meat.

Maddy shared images of her ham onto social media on Wednesday after purchasing the slices that same day.

She captioned her post: “Was very disappointed with the two packs of ham I purchased today.

Aldi customer slams supermarket for fatty ham - Consumer News
Maddy made her post onto Facebook.

“Both inedible.

“I am aware you’re not in control of a pigs weight as this one seems to of been a porker to say the least.

“I do think that somewhere along the line of production, someone saw this and still packaged it.

“Threw both packets in the bin.”

Since she shared her images, social media user Chris Fox joked: “Cooked fat trimmings with added ham.”

Aldi customer slams supermarket for fatty ham - Consumer News
Pictured:Southend Aldi

Speaking today, Maddy said: “Disgusted. It was slimy. Made me feel sick. It was folded in the packet so you couldn’t see it.

“When I opened the slices it revealed the fat and I thought I was going to be sick.

“I went into the store the next day and showed the manager and he removed all the ham off the shelves instantly.

“It was for customers. I wouldn’t have served that to anyone. I took ham straight off the menu.”

An Aldi spokesman today said: “We apologise that, on this occasion, this product didn’t meet our usual high standards and we are investigating this with our supplier.

“We are happy to provide a full refund to any customer who purchases an Aldi product that they are not completely satisfied with.”