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Can British Punters Bet Outside The UK?


Betting is extremely popular in the United Kingdom. Millions of players have been using UK betting sites for a long period of time and the trend is going only one way up. These betting sites offer countless sports to bet on, including horse races and so much more. But, there are a few things bettors don’t like making them search for betting sites outside the UK. 

Why are UK Punters Looking for Non-UK Bookmakers?

As we have mentioned, there are a lot of betting options you can use at UK-based betting sites. But, there is a different side of the story as well. These sites are heavily controlled by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. As such, there are countless limits and regulations all betting sites must compile with. This makes betting a bit frustrating and limits the freedom bettors want and need. As an alternative, some punters register at betting sites outside the UK to get better bonuses and gamble without limits. They are still safe, but they do come with a bit of a different experience. 

First of all, all users and bettors who use self-exclusion or a similar blocking system can only place bets at non-UK betting sites. As you may know, all UK sites must offer a blocking system meaning once you become a user of a self-exclusion platform, you won’t be able to gamble there. Luckily, non-UK sites will still accept your account and allow you to place bets.

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 Sites that don’t have a UKGC licence typically have fewer restrictions. They have to meet fewer requirements and pay lower taxes. All of this means that they can offer better bonuses and promotions to the bettors. In other words, you can get more appealing offers as soon as you create the account and you can use them for all kinds of betting options. Yes, you can still place a bet on any sport and win big time. Keep in mind that these sites are safe to use and they do come with a license. It is generally given by Curacao eGaming and it means that the betting options are safe and fair. There are no issues here.

Here we can see another advantage. Sites of this kind allow you to use credit cards. Some of you will know that using credit cards to place bets on UKGC sites isn’t possible. Luckily, the alternative betting sites still allow you this and they will continue to allow this as long as needed. 

One, interesting advantage that isn’t always present, but usually is, you can bet on specific and rare sports that are not available at UK sites. This is definitely a perk and allows bettors to enjoy more and bet on a sport they love. 

Sites outside the UK are still tested for fairness, have customer support, and offer all the same safety features as the UK websites. As a matter of fact, most of them use the same platforms and third-party companies so there are no differences. For instance, you can still get live chat support, use the FAQ section and get additional information regarding responsible gaming. 

It is important to add that using these sites is legal. There are no restrictions of any kind and you don’t have to use VPN or anything similar. All you need to do is to direct the web browser to the desired site and enjoy. Don’t forget that most of these sites accept mobile bettors. Now you can place a bet, win and withdraw your winnings using only your smartphone. All modern smartphones are supported. 

A small percentage of the sites use mobile apps. Most sites offer mobile-friendly sites. There is no need to use any additional software. This also allows you to access the site and use it even if you have an older device. Apps allow you to keep track of the latest promotions and bonuses. You can get various notifications of this type, making this a worthy advantage. 


Many players like betting at UK sites. They are popular, safe and they come in high numbers. But, bettors who want more freedom and want additional perks should definitely check non-UK websites for betting. These locations on the web offer better bonuses, more betting options, and less restrictions. Now you can finally enjoy your freedom and place a bet when you want, without any complicated steps or complications.