HGV driver caught on camera using two phones and wearing no seatbelt on busy motorway


SHOCKING video shows an HGV driver using two mobile phones and wearing no seat belt whilst driving on a busy motorway.

The dangerous driver was caught in the act last month after cops used an unmarked HGV Tractor Unit to peer into the driver’s cab.

In the clip, undercover cops can be seen pulling alongside the green 7.5 tonne HGV as it drives down the busy M1 outside Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

As they pull directly alongside the driver, one of the policemen in the HGV says: “He has got something in his left hand.

“This truck here to the left of us has got a mobile in his left hand, a mobile in his right hand on his steering wheel and got no seatbelts on.”

“Absolutely oblivious.”

The driver remains oblivious as police capture more footage of him and even waves at them after spotting the undercover cops looking over.

Shocking video shows HGV driver using two phones while driving - Police News UK
The driver has no seat belt on and has two phones in his hands.

The policeman recording the incident then makes a call on his radio to instruct an marked police vehicle to pull the driver over.

As the clip ends, the marked car speeds in front of the green HGV and pulls the driver over.

Footage of the incident was shared by South Yorkshire Police onto YouTube last Friday.

According to South Yorkshire Police, just last week 41 drivers were found to have been driving without wearing a seat belt

Nineteen drivers were found to be using their mobile phone while driving.

Shocking video shows HGV driver using two phones while driving - Police News UK
The driver waves to the police camera, realising he has been spotted.

Another six were driving at an excessive speed and ten were found to not be in proper control of their vehicle.

Since police shared their footage, social media users have expressed their disgust at the clip.

Ian Atkins said: “Really pleased you’re doing this. Those lorry drivers are a death menace.”

Malcolm Webb posted: “Keep up the good work lads.”

Brain Norkett commented: “If you abide by the rules then you have nothing to fear from these units!”

Shocking video shows HGV driver using two phones while driving - Police News UK
Cops then intercepted the driver.

Highways England Regional Road Safety Coordinator for Yorkshire and North East, Sarah Watson-Quirk added: “The vast majority of people drive responsibly and we hope this operation will encourage all road users to drive safely.

“We have several lorry cabs at Highways England that provide the police with a valuable tool to carry out their job enforcing the law.

“Unfortunately around 450 people are killed or seriously injured every year on England’s motorways and major A roads as a result of a driver being impaired or distracted.

“Those who break the law by using mobile phones or distracted in other ways are putting lives at risk.”