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Word Perfect: How to Choose the Best Essay Writing Service


Finding the best essay writing service isn’t as easy as it seems. There are countless essay writing services online. It’s vital to study the market before entrusting your schoolwork to an essay writer. Taking the time to analyze leading companies will certainly pay off. First, it will benefit you in the short term as you’ll get a fine paper right away. Secondly, you’ll secure a competent company that will provide essay help in the long run.

There are a few points you’ll have to consider before committing to a writing firm. Prepare a word document with the pros and cons of each company. Then, compile a shortlist with the most viable candidates. Now you have just a few ventures from which to choose. Much better than surfing the endless internet not knowing where to go. Let’s get started with the main features you should investigate in a paper writing service:

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Examine samples or writing snippets

Many websites have examples of their writings on display. Reading a few paragraphs may give you an idea about the seriousness of the essay writing service. Sure, a well-written sample doesn’t guarantee proficiency but can easily indicate lack thereof. More precisely, if you find grammar errors or inconsistencies in a sample article, you should discard the company. The same goes for other pieces of writing on their website. A competent firm would never allow mistakes on their site pages.

A website is like a business card; if they’re negligent about public texts, who knows what they’ll do to your homework. Surf through their pages and note down the errors you see. An occasional typo or missed comma isn’t necessarily a red flag. But grammar or syntax inaccuracies should discourage you from using their service.   

Check out reviews from other clients

Although it’s not the most objective judging criteria, reviews can indicate general customer satisfaction. Check out their website and see if they have a dedicated testimonial page. Use critical thinking and read between the lines.

  • Are the clients happy?
  • What’s the ratio between good and bad reviews?
  • Do they seem fake?

Alternatively, you could surf the internet for external reviews. Writing forums or review websites are great places to start your investigation. Undoubtedly, some reviews will inherently be negative. You can’t please them all. Having some bad reviews is normal and indicates authenticity. Pay attention to the more elaborate ones as they’re more likely to give truthful insight.

A company that has 100% positive reviews can mean two things: either the company is indeed perfect, or they’ve resorted to unethical practices. Keep in mind that there are numerous “pay for testimonials” ventures that sell spam reviews online.

Inquire about the revision policy

It’s essential to know as many things about a research paper writing service. It’s not uncommon for an essay writing service to get it right the first time. They’ve got a lot of experience, and many topics repeat themselves. Classic college issues such as the death penalty are submitted every day. Professional essay writers are more than accustomed to a similar subject matter. In most cases, they’ll get ace it first-try.

However, you may need revisions or small edits for your paper. That’s why it’s important to know their revision policy:

  • Are the revisions free?
  • How many adjustments can you ask per paper?
  • What’s the deadline for a round of revisions?

Put the customer service to the test

A great experience means excellent customer service. Compile a list with all the questions you have for the company. Call them up and get a feel of their customer service:

  • Is the call free?
  • Are they available 24/7?
  • How professional are they?

Good customer service will benefit you in the future. You don’t want to commit to a company that doesn’t care for you. It’s also a way to speed up the process – communication is key.

Inform yourself about discounts

On-demand essay writing service cost money. Prices change depending on the complexity of the order and deadline. Still, some companies offer discounts for students and returning customers. It’s best to choose one that proposes convenient payment plans, especially if you’re looking for a stable relationship.

Compare the prices and see what’s best for you. Nonetheless, don’t expect to find decent quality at low prices. Typically, you get what you pay for, so find a compromise. Remember that a writing service is a business that needs to pay its employees and make a profit.

Order a short trial essay and evaluate

The last point on our list requires a small investment on your part. Order a short paper with a relaxed deadline. This way, you’ll get a first impression of the writing company at a minimal cost. Purchasing a test paper may be the fastest way to see if the writing enterprise is the one for you. Examine the essay, maybe with the help of a teacher, and see if it’s satisfactory.  

            Choosing the best essay writing service is a fairly lengthy process. You’ll have to examine samples or even buy a trial essay. Read online reviews and inquire about discounts. A good company has excellent customer service and offers a clear revision policy.