Determined Danny MacAskill filmed reaching 18 pallet jump after several bloopers


DETERMINED Scots stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill has been filmed managing to hop his bike on top of 18 wooden pallets after several failed attempts.

The 35-year-old Scot shared the incredible clip on Facebook yesterday showing him eventually managing to expertly land the at least 9ft jump.

In the clip, Danny is shown approaching the stack in his driveway at speed and throws himself into the air via a small ramp.

At first he fails to get his back wheel onto the top pallet and ends up falling backwards into a heap on the ground.

Danny, originally from Skye, then continues his attempts but can’t seem to bring his back wheel up over the edge of the top pallet and falls down again.

As he tries to get on top, he ends up lying on his back in the gravel holding onto his bike in the air.

At one point, his bike even hits him on his helmet after being bounced backwards from the stack.

Cyclicst Danny MacAskill jumps over huge stack of wooden pallets - Scottish News
Danny’s bike ends up hitting him on his head in the video.

However, Danny’s persistence finally pays off as he eventually manages to conquer the tower.

After reaching the peak, he was filmed holding a wheelie at the top before bouncing back off onto the driveway.

Danny can then he heard saying: “Quite pleased with that, it is slippery today but” before the clip ends.

Danny captioned his Facebook post: “You’ve got to keep trying to get there in the end….”

Since being shared on Facebook yesterday, the clip has been liked over
15,000 times and has left social media users amazed at his abilities.

Cyclicst Danny MacAskill jumps over huge stack of wooden pallets - Scottish News
After much determination, he makes it up and over the huge tower.

Steve Kroll said: “I love seeing the fails! Thanks for showing that you actually are human.”

Clemens Sibon posted: “Wow, I think NASA should hire you.

“With this progress you will be landing on the moon in less than a week.”

Cyclicst Danny MacAskill jumps over huge stack of wooden pallets - Scottish News
Social media users found the clip amazing.

Caz Abraham commented: “Love how he laughs it off each time he falls, I’d probably be curled up in a fetal position crying. Beast.”

Danny recently released his video, The Slabs which saw him scale Sgurr Dubh Beag on the Isle of Skye with his bike strapped to his back, before riding down a 900-metre route.

Danny and his team managed to capture footage of him expertly scaling down the steep climb which at times is almost vertical.