Aldi advert ruffles feathers after recommending cast iron pot for Mother’s Day gift


AN ALDI advertisement has ruffled feathers after recommending a cast iron cooking pot as a gift for Mother’s Day.

The supermarket has listed the £24.99 Pastel Pink Cast Iron Casserole dish under their Mother’s Day page in one of their sales leaflets.

Images of the half-page recommendation shows two pink cat iron pots next to “Mum in a million” in bold writing.

Aldi's Mother's day advert | Retail News UK
Aldi’s magazine Mother’s day advert

Below, in fine purple text, the advert reads: “Show her just how much she means to you with thoughtful gifts.”

A “Happy Mother’s Day 14 Mar” slogan is at the top of the page inside a pink flower.

At the bottom of the page there is another selection of red cast iron posts advertised. 

A shocked customer posted a photograph of the page onto Facebook on Monday (1 FEB), writing: “Nothing says Mother’s Day like a cast iron pan.”

Aldi's cast iron casserole dish | Retail News UK
Aldi’s pastel pink cast iron casserole dish for sale online

The post was inundated with hundreds of comments from group members who wondered whether they had been transported back to the 1950’s.

One follower wrote: “Haha be like ‘thanks mum for everything you do… Now here’s your new pan, off you go into the kitchen then, get the dinner on’.”

Another user said: “Reminds me of when I passed my driving test. My husband bought me a set of pans! How I didn’t throw them at his head I’ll never know.” 

One user wrote: “Have we flipped back to the 1950’s?”

One woman wrote: “Terrible. That isn’t a present for the person, it is for the house. I would rather have nothing than that.”

While another shocked member replied: “You may as well throw an ironing board in too… Why not treat us.”

Facebook users reacted | Retail News UK
Facebook users had a mixed response

Some users made light of the advert, saying they’d be happy to receive the pots as a Mother’s Day gift. 

One follower wrote: “Why are people getting the hump over this? I’d be over the moon with a gift like this.”

And another fan of the pots, added: “If someone brought me that pan I’d be over the moon.”