Adidas fans left in stitches after brand reveal metre long “baguette” trainers


ADIDAS fans have been left in stitches after the popular brand revealed their new metre-long “baguette” trainers.

Social media users have poked fun at the sports brand after they teamed up with Estonian rapper Tommy Cash to create the bizarre fashion piece.

Tommy, 29, posted about his recent collaboration with the German brand on his Instagram account on Monday and attached images of the lengthy shoes.

Adidas fans poke fun at ridiculous shoes that resemble baguettes - Viral News UK
Pictured: Tommy wearing the incredibly long Superstars.

The impractical trainers come in two completely different colours, the left shoe being white and the right shoe adorned in black.

The rapper also shared videos of himself wearing the trainers which highlights the bizarre length of the shoes.

The trainers have at least 40 rows of lace holes for keeping the footwear secured to the feet.

The refurbished Adidas Superstar trainers have been dubbed the “longest shoe in the world” and been ridiculed online.

Since sharing his newest creation, over 3,000 Instagram users have taken to the post to poke fun at the design.

Adidas fans poke fun at ridiculous shoes that resemble baguettes - Viral News UK
Tommy took a video of the extravagant shoes, showing just how large they are.

@Ben.delrosario said: “I’m pretty sure I already got an early pair from my local bakery.”

@Ozzymm11 posted: “This is so stupid lmao.”

@Eastwnoah commented: “If I see someone wearing these, I’ll take my jail time honourably.”

@dudublanco posted: “A Baguette.”

When posting about the “Adidas Superstar x Tommy Cash” trainers, Tommy added: “Download the Adidas App now and register for a raffle to buy the Superstar!

“Very limited number of pairs.”

Tommy later added: “When I said to Adidas that I want to make the longest shoe in the world as our collab they were like wtf Tommy.

“But five months later here we are.”

Adidas today claimed the shoe design was a “one off exclusively for the rapper” and that any future versions would be on sale in regular sizes.

Instagram users cannot believe their eyes.

Cash is no stranger to provocative and unusual creative decisions.

The rapper gained notoriety with his music video for song ‘Winaloto’ in which he superimposed his face onto a vagina.

He went on to appear in other music videos dressed as a used tampon.