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Studying online is a common practice among the students in the 21st century. In ancient years, materials for various courses could only be obtained in a classroom, from a lecturer or library. In the present day, technology has completely eliminated limitations with the developments of virtual classrooms replacing the conventional physical classroom learning system. Also, search engines like Google now provide us with all the information we need and emails are available for cheap and seamless exchange of messages and texts. However, there are some best practices that must be sustained by online students to succeed in online courses.

  • Set a goal for yourself

Goal setting is the first positive step to take when studying online. Set a goal by laying out what you wish to achieve and avoid targets that are unrealistic. Furthermore, pursue these goals with a serious level of dedication and when you make progress, reward yourself and remain resolute. Setting goals during your online studies will keep you motivated.

  • Have a study space

Just like when you have  a reading desk in your room for your physical study, have a study space specially devoted to your online studies. This is because according to educational analysts, information can be recalled with ease in places of study. Hence, clear a room in your home or office that is free of disturbances to help you concentrate effectively.

  • Engage in meaningful conversations

In most online schools, students form reading groups to answer questions raised in these groups. Also, possible suggestions, hints and clues that are very useful for anybody studying a course are released in these groups. In some cases, a strong discussion on a subject matter pertaining to the course can be ignited in the group. However, whenever you can engage in this type of interaction when you study online to learn new ideas and obtain useful solutions.

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  • Handle one thing at a time

Doing many things at the same time can be viewed as a skill in the business world, however in the educational sector doing many things during study time will only end up distracting you. These distractions prevent you from accomplishing your study goals. Therefore, organize yourself properly to manage tasks effectively. Building a simple daily schedule using a to-do list will enable you to list out important priorities over less important tasks.

  • Be proud of your achievements

As a student, your achievements can be the study grant received, research projects successfully worked on, innovations made in partnership with other students and internship programmes enrolled. No matter how little the progress made, announce little winnings on your social media pages or on your portfolio website. 

  • Have a study schedule

Goal setting is one driving force that really helps when studying online. However, having a study schedule will organize your time well so you do not waste time doing meaningless things. Furthermore, to excel in your online studies, create a time on your calendar for reading and another one for completing assignments, you can also seek  help from to be able to complete your assignment on time and also use apps like Google calendar to set reminders so you do not miss the deadline of assignments.

  • Takes notes regularly

Although most lecture materials are normally available online for students, taking notes during lessons is a powerful tool that will boost your memory. You do not have to take notes on everything the teacher is saying, but taking notes of key points and information will strengthen your knowledge in the course.

  • Take a break

Taking periodic breaks after difficult tests or examinations will give you a breath of fresh air and your brain will relax after over functioning for a very long time. Resting your brain will boost up your energy levels for maximum performance. Also, taking breaks will release new ideas that could make your studies easier.

  • Send your tutors mails

One of the advantages of online school is improvement in teacher-student relationships because students can send questions to teachers or tutors at any point in time. This is an outstanding benefit because in previous systems, students could only ask questions in class during lectures. Hence, when studying online take advantage of this innovation and send mails to your tutors and obtain useful solutions and answers to questions.

  •  Work hard and develop a study skill

Hardwork is one of the keys to success and in the online learning environment; you must put yourself on the line to acquire all the knowledge for excellence. Also, develop a study skill that works well for you. For instance, get an offline reading partner or subscribe to tutorial videos of YouTube to provide relevant knowledge to you.