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NewsEx-One Direction star's sister accused of "scamming" small business over £500 worth...

Ex-One Direction star’s sister accused of “scamming” small business over £500 worth of designer clothes

LOUIS Tomlinson’s influencer sister has been accused of scamming a clothing brand for almost £500 worth of designer clothes. 

Zac Cooper, owner of clothing company Azpersonalshopping, claims Phoebe Tomlinson asked him to send her hoodies in exchange for her promoting his business on Instagram.

Zac Cooper posted on twitter | Viral News UK
Zac Cooper took to Twitter to expose Phoebe Tomlinson

Zac accepted the offer last month and was happy to post out the Essential jumpers to Phoebe who has over 1.2million Instagram followers.

However, Zac has now hit out at the 16-year-old on Twitter, claiming that she “done a runner” and failed to hold up her end of the bargain. 

On Saturday Zac shared screenshots on Twitter of his conversations with Phoebe showing him chasing her up when she failed to post photographs of the items.

The influencer appears to ignore many of the messages once Zac had posted the designer gear out to her to her address in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Zac’s Twitter post has since gone viral with over 95,000 likes and more than 23,000 retweets. 

Zac’s post read: Calling out Phoebe Tomlinson. Sister of One direction star Louis Tomlinson. 

“Sent her nearly £500 worth of FREE Essentials products for a promotion in return. 

“Now it’s come to her end of the deal she’s done a runner. Please like and retweet this. It needs to be publicised!”

Screenshots show Phoebe reaching out to Zac’s company, writing: “Heyyyy! Have you got any of the Essentials hoodies in small?

“Ohhh. Do you work with influencers? I was going to ask whether you’d gift in return for a post?” 

Zac Cooper's messages | Viral News UK
Zac Coopers shared his messages with the influencer on Twitter

Zac wrote: “Yeh sure thing I’m up for that. 1.1 million followers sounds good to me.”

Zac Cooper's messages | Viral News UK
Zac Coopers shared his messages with the influencer on Twitter

More screenshots show Zac chasing Phoebe up, but failing to get a response: “Hey! Hope you’re good. Just checking we are still on for our agreement with the essentials hoodie? Thank you.

“Please don’t ignore me Phoebe. I’ve done you a massive favour by getting you two rare essential hoodies that cost me nearly £500 to source in. 

“I’ve given you enough time now to at least post a story, it’s not fair on my business. Especially being a small business in these tough times.”

At one point, Phoebe reassured Zac, responding: “Hahah no don’t worry! I’ll do this as soon as I have a bit to get content.” 

Zac Cooper's messages | Viral News UK
Zac Coopers shared his messages with the influencer on Twitter

Zac said he had urged Phoebe to refund him for the cost of the hoodies after she failed to keep up her end of the deal.

His Twitter post received a mixed response with social media users.

@333nikita wrote: “I’m sorry, but this is on you! You should have never sent merchandise, much less that amount, before getting a contract in WRITING.

“Does she have an agent/manager contact them!

“These messages are too informal and don’t really indicate a business contract! Resolve this off Twitter.”

Phoebe Tomlinson | Viral News UK
Phoebe Tomlinson

To which @peterscott99 replied: “Or she could just be an entitled brat and actually uphold her end of the deal? Especially considering it was her idea in the first place.”

Another Twitter user,@gabbiejarvis, claimed that Phoebe had scammed her, saying: “Did the exact same to me too.”

She shared screenshots showing how she had sent clothing to Phoebe back in April 2019 but had still not had her items promoted yet.

Phoebe last night posted an Instagram story in response to Zac’s allegations.

She wrote: “Hey, so today, so many people that follow me have sent me certain things that have been said about me on here and on Twitter regarding a ‘scandal’ involving myself.

“So although I appreciate the people who were sending me the things that were being said on Twitter to look out for me, please don’t do this and understand that what I don’t see can’t hurt or affect me.

“This situation is completely sorted and was a complete misunderstanding. Don’t believe everything you read guys. Please.” 

Speaking today, Zac said: “She has refunded me the money. However I stated to her that the post will remain open as it has come to light now that I’m not the only person she has done this too.

“There’s another business there that’s been waiting ten months for a refund/post.

“This gives me fear of working with future influencers as someone of that caliber can scam someone and get away with it.

“That’s why she was baited out in the first place, so that no one else makes the same mistake as me.

“If I didn’t bait her out, I wouldn’t have got a post or refund.”

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