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First choice for parents’ location tracking app


FamiSafe Parental control and location tracker app has become the first choice for parents. You can give your kids now more freedom and independence for living their life by keeping an eye on them. You can even get satisfaction on everything when you are sure of the safety of your child. 

We recommend the location tracker app because it has so many features and this also integrates directly with the Android and iOS itself. Some of the features of the FamiSafe parental control app involve live location tracking, getting history location timeline, and getting geofences by parents. 

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You can easily see their location and can see their habits of going to the places that you do not know about. You can easily take a chill out when your kids are out since you know the exact location of your child. This app can do some different stuff as compared to the other parental control apps. You can find the location of your child and can control the boundaries of the areas that they can visit. You can easily set up the locations where your child cannot go. The other feature involves sharing live location and even getting the location history timeline for up to a month. It is relatively simple to set up.

Extraordinary features of location tracker app

  • Sometimes the kids just want to have some advice from their parents which can guide them for the whole life. This thing needs the involvement of parents. You can easily teach your kids about the dangers which are outside and that cannot be Visited by your children alone. this app provides the parent a safe platform for making their kids independent by sending them in the surroundings as they can have an eye on their child. 
  • Monitoring the location of the child is great for younger kids especially. Since they need relaxation too. This is the application that supports platforms other than androids like Mac, iOS, PC, and windows. 
  • Live location provided by the application is accurate and it is easy to use for protecting the kids from strangers. This is an application that could be used for child location tracking and even as a family locator. It does not indicate that you are not trusting your child as a parent but it does show that how worried are the parents about their child. You may easily have a long time set up with the application.

These apps are available on the AMZAON STORE, APPLE STORE, and GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

What are geofences 

Geofencing Is a special feature provided by a location control app that helps the parents in setting up the location boundaries for their child. The Geofences may include the regions like school, extra classes, and the places that are usually visited by your child including home. If your child crosses these boundaries set up by the parents on the map that the parents get an instant alert message which helps them know the exact and live location of their child.

The parents can now be best friends of their child by allowing them to go into the surroundings independently. Essential for the parents to understand the need for using the FamiSafe parental control app. This app uses geofencing software to track the live location of the kid and getting accurate information. This allows you to create and monitor multiple Geofences which are offered to you by the premium packs provided by the application. The period is notified whenever the kid enters or leaves the assigned areas by their parents such as schools car parks and the House of their close friends. 

Premium plans by FamiSafe location control app 

The app costs about $59.99 per year for the protection of 30 devices Which is equivalent to paying $4.99 per month. this is the best value plan offered by the location control app.  The monthly plan is $9.99 per month which gives you the protection chain of about 5 devices with all the features. The quarterly plan consists of protecting 10 devices with costing of $19.99 per quarter, which is equivalent to paying $6.66 per month by providing you all the features of the application.


The location tracker app gives and helps the parent in accessing all the information of the location of their child. Now the parents do not have to worry about the location of the child as they can track the whereabouts on the map of the historic location of their child and also view the live location of their child’s history in detail. Because of geofencing, parents can now select an area on the digital map. This app has made a name for itself in the industry of parental control apps by providing the aim to protect the safety of the kids from the live location sharing feature.