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BusinessStockists confirmed after waves of demand for newest vegetable snack

Stockists confirmed after waves of demand for newest vegetable snack

Where to buy Mackie’s latest launch

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A NEW CREATION of lentil-based snacks is now available throughout the country, following an early Lidl listing and subsequent strong supermarket demand.

Lentil Waves are the latest launch from top Scottish premium crisps brand, Mackie’s Crisps, which made their debut across 760 UK-wide Lidl stores last month.

Made possible by Mackie’s top-secret process used to “air pop” whole vegetables, Lentil Waves contain 50% less fat than other lentil-based snacks on the market. They are available in 80g share bags, salt and vinegar and barbecue, and contain 2.4g of protein and 3g of fibre per serving.

Scottish listings for the £1 share bags have been secured in Aldi from 04 March for a limited time, in selected Sainsbury’s Scotland stores for a limited 6-week period, and in Tesco from 15 March as part of its Love Local Event.

Lentil Waves are also available to purchase from Wholesaler Glencarse Foods and the online retailer British Corner Shop – which ship across the UK and worldwide ensuring anyone can sample the new snack.

With the ambition of reaching £500,000 in sales, Mackie’s is hopeful the vegan and gluten-free snack will become a firm fan favourite, and will be keeping its eyes peeled for customer feedback.

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James Taylor, Managing Director with the Perthshire family business, said: “We’re really proud of the new range and think this is the type of product customers have been waiting for, for a long time.

“I think retailers across the country are also recognising the quality and innovation we’re bringing to the table which is very exciting.

“Of course, the taste is just as important and often you’ll find healthier snacks have bit of a trade-off when it comes to flavour. We didn’t want this to be the case and worked really hard to create the perfect balance of a healthier snack which tastes equally as good as our other products.”

“By air-popping the lentils, we’re able to keep more of the vegetable and cut out additional saturated fats. This is a huge step forward for healthier snacks and something that we think our customers will really enjoy.”

The news follows Mackie’s Crisps’ announcement of a £750,000 investment in a new production facility in Perthshire, which has allowed the brand to mass produce its vegetable chips in Scotland.

Produced at the fourth-generation Taylor farm in Errol, Perthshire, Mackie’s Crisps has been one of Scotland’s top leading crisp brand with a dedication towards making high quality, delicious crisps and snacks.

James Taylor runs the family-owned business alongside his father, Chairman George Taylor. It employs a team of 50 staff – and recently became Scotland’s third best-selling premium crisp brand following growth that bucked wider market decline.

For more information on Mackie’s of Scotland’s crisps and popcorn, visit:

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