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Traveling, enjoyment and health care.


Prioritizing our security and health is always really important. This alone is reason enough to have a good contingency plan. We can’t settle for a cheap and dubious plan. Where ever we are, being backed with a good insurance is a must for ourselves and our loved ones.

It has become very common to hear how someone has “saved money” by not getting a travel insurance. This can get our skins easily because, even though we must not fear the unknown, we can’t be tempting our luck, after all, accidents happen and is always best safe than sorry.

It doesn’t matter where we are, be it out homes or travelling around the world, knowing there is someone we can count on in case we need assistance, provides a peace of mind that is priceless.

Therefore, when choosing a healthcare service, we must always check for the best option we can afford, with a good transport service and good service abroad. A good example is Excelan, which has great repatriation service and great attention centers such as Marbella private clinic.

Photo by Riccardo Pelati on Unsplash

Attention where ever you are.

Who doesn’t love to travel and visit new places? We bet almost anyone dreams with to pack their things and start travelling around the world. Opening your mind to new and different cultures, views and people provides a unique learning experience.

Try out new food, listening to other languages, and all other experiences are unique and unforgettable. No one expects bad things to happen, and even though you must have bad luck, the possibility is there.

Illnesses and accidents are very stressing situations, and these increases when we are far from home. Being somewhere we don’t know, in a country with a different language is a terrifying experience.

Going to these adventures without a good travel insurance is like jumping into a pool without knowing if it has water in it. This is a risk that we would never take. Therefore, getting a travel insurance that offers a shuttle service with private ambulance wherever we are, is a luxury that we all should get.

The importance of language.

Walking the streets of a foreign country with a foreign language can be at bit scary. That’s why whenever we hear someone speaking in English it gives us a feeling of peace and familiarity, always looking for the face that uttered those precious familiar words.

This situation can even lead to a relationship that is unique to this situation, after all, it’s always welcome to find something familiar in a strange new place. We may even end up shearing some time with this new person, all thanks to the feeling of security sharing a common language gives.

Meeting someone from our country abroad can be very especial. It can give this feeling of being at home, helping with any homesick feelings we may get. We are two people from the same country in a foreign place and, in that moments, we are like brothers and sisters.

The connection language creates is so strong that it can make us feel at home being thousands of miles away. But, lacking this can also lead creating a great wall between us and someone else.

Talking and not being able to understand each other is horrible. It can be very stressful and maddening. There’s no way our brains can process a single word the other person is saying.

If this happens in the middle of a health crisis, the result can be catastrophic, even for someone that can understand a bit of the language. Therefore, some insurance makes sure to offer English speaking personal and doctors to help us feel safe.

Knowing what’s happening or what will happen is as important as receiving high quality medicine and assistance. The mind plays a very important role in our health and wellness.

Excelan, understands the importance of this. It’s personal can speak English with ease, making sure they can assist us and explain us anything we might need. This insurance also offers a great repatriation service, so we can always return swiftly and safely to our homes.

Let’s travel around the world, enjoying the different experience they have to offer, but let’s never neglect our security, health and wellness. If this thing fails, everything else doesn’t matter. Are you still doubting the importance of having good health insurance?