Protest to demand retrial for Luke Mitchell cancelled following football fan carnage


A PROTEST which was set up to demand a retrial for convicted Jodi Jones murderer Luke Mitchell has been cancelled – following football fan carnage over the weekend.

Organisers last night announced they would be postponing the protest that was set to be held outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh on the 24th of April.

The decision comes days after hundreds of Rangers fans took to the streets of Glasgow over the weekend to celebrate their first title win in a decade.

Despite social distancing rules in place, fans partied in masse in George Square on Sunday night following the title win.

Protest for Luke Mitchell event cancelled - Scottish News
The cancellation was announced via Facebook.

Organisers have not announced a new date for the protest but said are not willing to put the public at risk following recent events.

The event, which had been set up by the “Luke Mitchell Miscarriage of Justice Facebook page, was cancelled yesterday by organisers.

The announcement read: “Due to circumstances this event has been cancelled.

“Any updates on future Marches/Protests please See Sandra Leans Facebook.”

A protest has been arranged to demand a retrial for Jodi Jones killer Luke Mitchell - Scottish News
Pictured: Mitchell

A comment from an admin on the group, later wrote: “After the events of the past days, I as the organiser am not prepared to put firstly you as the public at risk and secondly myself.

“At this stage I need to take on board the recommendations given to me.”

Since the event was cancelled last night, people who had planned to attend have been commenting on the page.

Jacqueline Harkins said: “States quite clearly on the Holyrood website protests are only allowed in tier three and under and weekend defo hasn’t helped.”

Angela Whyte posted: “After the weekend, best to wait.”

Kerry Wood commented: “Given the events of the weekend with the mass gatherings in Glasgow, maybe it’s not the best time to have this March.

A protest has been arranged to demand a retrial for Jodi Jones killer Luke Mitchell - Scottish News
Pictured: Luke and Mum, Corrine.

I would imagine there will be lots of people planning to attend this.”

According to the page, the event was to be a: “Peaceful protest to demand a retrial for Luke Mitchell.”

More than 200 people, including crime expert Dr Sandra Lean who was at the forefront of the recent documentary Murder in a Small Town, where set to attend.

Since being set up two weeks ago, over 700 Facebook users had also expressed their interest in attending the event.

Crime expert Dr Sandra Lean, who has dedicated her career to the Luke Mitchell case, shared the event onto her Twitter page last Thursday, saying: “Peaceful protest in Edinburgh on April 24th for anyone who can attend.

“Huge thanks to the organisers of this event – a chance to show the world we want justice for Jodi as well as Luke.

A protest has been arranged to demand a retrial for Jodi Jones killer Luke Mitchell - Scottish News
Pictured: A young Jodi.

“See you all there!!!”

Dr Lean has backed Luke Mitchell since he was found guilty of murdering his girlfriend Jodi Jones in 2005, and was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years behind bars.

She has worked closely with legal teams to help Mitchell appeal his case over the years and dedicated her career to it.

Mitchell’s attempts to appeal the decision were rejected and he’s been serving his sentence since, with the earliest chance of release being 2025.

Protest for Luke Mitchell event cancelled - Scottish News
Supporters expressed their concern following mass gatherings at the weekend.

Dr Lean and Mitchell’s mother Corrine play a vital part in a recent two part documentary which has explored different aspects of the case including additional suspects.

Mitchell, who found Jodi’s body, was quickly accused of her murder and was convicted at the High Court in Edinburgh, aged 16.

His victim was just 14 when her naked and mutilated body was discovered behind a wall in a wooded area near her home.

Judge Lord Nimmo Smith said the photos he saw of her injuries were the worst he had ever seen.

Throughout his trial and subsequent imprisonment, Luke has professed his innocence as has his mother Corrine.