Scots hitting the bottle – the water bottle


NEW research shows Scots women are switching to tap water in a bid to stay fit during lockdown. 
A new poll has found that Scots women aged 18-24 are the most likely to drink more of Scotland’s water as they exercise in 2021.
The survey, commissioned by Scottish Water via YouGov, revealed that a third of adults in Scotland intend to drink more tap water to help with both mental well-being and protecting the environment. 

A Scottish Water Top up Tap

The results come as a positive reinforcement to Scottish Water’s Your Water Your Life campaign which aims to celebrate Scotland’s tap water whilst also encouraging the reduction of waste, particularly single use plastics.

The campaign has also facilitated the roll out of ‘Top up Taps’ across Scotland, allowing people to stay hydrated on the go by topping up their refillable bottles for free. 

Scotland’s National Clinical Director Professor Jason Leitch welcomed the poll findings saying: “Water is vital for life. 

“It makes up around 60% of a person’s body, so it’s not surprising that a drop in levels can impact on our health, vitality and performance.

“We are all coping in different ways with lockdown and keeping hydrated, whether in or outdoors, is so important.

 “We can be extremely thankful that we have such good quality tap water to enjoy at home and outside.”

The survey, carried out by YouGov in January, showed that 32% of people are intending to either drink a lot or a little more in 2021, equating to 1.3million Scots who are planning to drink more in 2021 to improve their health, mental well-being or protect the environment.

Brian Lironi, Director of Corporate Affairs at Scottish Water, said: “Of all the things we can do to stay healthy, such as getting more sleep, exercise or eating more vegetables, water is amazing in its simplicity. 

“Coming straight from the tap, it’s easy and accessible. And what’s more, the quality of Scotland’s tap water is world class.
“This research, coupled with the take-up of our Top up Taps, shows that people are increasingly seeing the well-being benefits of drinking more water – particularly as they enjoy a walk, run or other exercise. 
“By topping up with tap water, at home or when out and about, we’re helping support the movement to reduce upstream litter which can harm our waterways and environment.”