100-year-old Tennent’s bottle top found washed up on Scots beach


A TENNENT’S bottle top dating back to the early 1900’s has been found washed up on a beach in the Outer Hebrides.

The ceramic top with the iconic red T mark was used to seal glass bottles of the popular Scottish 100 years ago.

Islander Eilidh Carr spotted the rare find whilst out on a walk on East Beach in Berneray, Isle of North Uist.

100-year-old Tennents bottle top found on beach - Scottish News
The Tennent’s bottle top.

Intrigued and looking to find out more, the 28-year-old contacted the Scottish Brewing Archive Association (SBAA) who dated it from between 1900 to 1930.

Speaking today, the gift shop owner said: “When I’m out on walks I always look for shells or anything washed up, pottery etc and I noticed the white shape of the bottom of the stop in the sand and stones.

“And to my excitement when I picked it up, it was marked with J & R Tennet LTD, Glasgow.

“I love to go walking on the beaches here in all weathers, stormy weather is the best.

100-year-old Tennents bottle top found on beach - Scottish News
The famous red ‘T’ can be seen emblazoned on top of the cap.

“I also love to find driftwood, buoys and have found message in bottles over the years.”

“Last week, the other big beach on our island here, was named in the top 20 beaches to visit in Europe by Lonely Planet.”

John Martin at the SBAA said: “This form of bottle stopper was patented in the later period of the 19th century and used by Tennent’s circa 1900-1930s.

“The advertisement is thought to be dated 1920’s.

“The crown cork bottle top that is still in use today, was introduced in the 1930s.”

The SBAA sent Eilidh a poster dating back to the 1920’s that shows the historic bottle and bottle cap and how it was marketed back in the day.

100-year-old Tennents bottle top found on beach - Scottish News
East Beach in Berneray, Isle of North Uist.

Eilidh posted the rare find on Twitter where it got nearly 800 likes.

Eddie Lawrence said: “Wow! Its second pandemic. I wonder what the T is printed with to withstand 100 years and still be in such good condition.”

Koni Billings wrote: “Strange and sweetly funny too, in thinking that someone 100 years ago may have been sitting enjoying a day out, or a lovely sunset and have a brewski!”

Darren Hosch added: “Very cool! Congratulations on your amazing discovery.”

The SBAA is based at the University of Glasgow and works to preserve the history of Scotland’s many breweries.

100-year-old Tennents bottle top found on beach - Scottish News
Pictured: Eilidh

In 2018 an 150 year old full bottle of Tennent’s beer was returned to its Scottish brewery after it sank with its cargo ship off the coast of Australia.

Cameron Matthews, Tennent’s Senior Brand Manager, today said: “We’ve come a long way since Hugh Tennent started brewing in 1885 and discoveries like these show us just how long Tennent’s has been part of the fabric of Scotland.

“We love seeing what old Tennent’s memorabilia turns up across Scotland and the rest of the world and hope that Eilidh is delighted with her find.”