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5 Ways to get started with SEO for your website


Search engine optimization or SEO is a practice that increases the quality and quantity of traffic via organic search engine result. In SEO, the search engine crawls through the internet and finds information on whatever you are searching for. These crawlers bring back information to create an index and create the search result list. SEO involves multiple activities to ensure that you are reaching the right audience. Today, having a connect to the right audience can mean sales. Unless you find potential customers continuously, your business may suffer. Hence, your business and a website for it, along with the right SEO plan can do wonders. Here are five ways to start with SEO for your website.

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Build the right website

Building an SEO friendly website is so important to ensure that you succeed in your endeavor. This is the starting point and this is where potential customers will first interact with you or your business. SEO techniques need to be applied to the site – new or old. Make sure it is user-friendly in terms of navigation and appearance. The look of the website on the first page or the ranked page can be a deciding factor, if the potential customer wants to explore further or leave the page. A lot of times, websites may include unwanted popups which can make the visitor’s experience painful. This isn’t the best considering you want them to stay on the site and engage.


One of the most important ways to make a potential visitor stay for longer on your website is to have good content. Content could mean the information about you and your business, or the relevant topics that you post about. For example, if you run a travel consultancy, then posting articles about exotic destinations, food and cultures can make the potential customer stay longer on the website. The longer a person stays on your page, the higher the chance is that they will be visiting your business.

List on directories

Getting ranked on a search engine is not the only way to be found online. You can get yourself listed in a free directory, such as to be found. A local business, especially, will benefit a lot if they have a directory listing. These directories have a complete list of businesses in a specific area and someone who is searching for a particular service can go to the directory, make a comparison and choose the business that best suits his needs. The directory will be listing your business’s name, address, contact information along with a URL for your website. They can use that to visit your site, which means another potential customer.

Link Building

Another popular SEO method is to participate in link building. This involves linking your website to another. This step can impact your search ranking and also improve your domain authority. There are two ways to do this. You can either participate in a link exchange with another website or post a relevant article to another website. In a link exchange, you can share your link with a similar website and they will share theirs. These links can show up in the recommended list section. You can also create an article and post it in an online magazine. This article will contain a link or URL to your site. This way you build links, ensuring that the SEO is working for you.

Using keywords

Using the right keywords can make a huge difference for your SEO. Keywords are crucial if you want to be found on a search. For example, someone may search for “Indian food delivery” and if you have these keywords on your website, there is a good chance that your website will come up on the search. You can also use “Indian food” on your website URL to ensure that you rank higher.